Selling My Entire Collection

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    Selling My Entire Collection

    I have had some good deals with people here, and some that have been kind of crummy on my part, but i figured I would offer up to you guys as well that I am selling off my entire collection. My priorities in life have changed(everything is alright, Joes just dont make me as happy as they used to) so if you are looking for something, I might have it. E-mail me directly at : [email protected] if you are looking for something. I have most stuff from the 2000 relaunch to now, and army builders i have multiples(anyone need over 100 V3.2 BATS? I also have tons of prototypes, unreleased stuff, misc stuff like foreign masks, pack in promotionals like rings, face paint, cards, etc, comics(both Marvel, and DD) stick pins from overseas, T-shirts.....the list goes on. Eventually, I will also be getting rid of my MOC resealed figs too, like Snake Eyes V1, CC V1,Firefly V1..... Just thought I would offer up to you guys as well, as I hope this stuff gets good homes...

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    Prototype List I was asked for


    TRU ninja 6 pack: Storm Shadow, Vipra, Black Dragon Ninja
    TRU Urban pack: Scrap Iron, Storm Shadow
    TRU Arctic pack: 2 different Avalanche, Mirage, Stalker
    TRU Anti Venom: Duke
    TRU VAMP pack: Torpedo, Brawler, pathfinder
    COMIC PACKS: Zartan, #1 Cobra Commander, Daina, Col. Brekov, Horror show, Schrage, 5th October guard guy(I forget his name), Hawk(#3), Zap, Quinn, #2 Scarlett
    #4 Snake Eyes,Grunt, Rock+Roll, Flash, Short Fuze, Stalker(#3)
    2003 Con Firefly, Black Dragon Trooper
    2004 Con: Buzzer, Ripper, Zarana, Mutt(2 different color scemes) Beachhead, Dreadhead, Zartan, Roadpig, Crusher
    2005 Con: Metal Head, Black Star, Night Viper, Gnawgahide, Blact off, Star brigade Duke, Crimson Guard Immortal
    VVV Blue Baroness
    VVV Purple Bat V4
    Action Attack VVV SS
    Wave 4 VVV Gen. Hawk
    Wave 6 Snow wolf
    Hiss driver pit viper
    Link Wave 4
    Wave 4 Gung Ho
    Electric EEL(Red)
    Big Brawler
    VVV Overkill(Blonde)(2 other non production colored Overkills)
    VVV destro (2) one has chrome head, one does not
    MCC Leatherneck
    Python Patrol VVV viper
    Wave 6 Slash and Slice
    Wave 6 torch
    Razor claw(has different arms than released)
    Mission Disk Storm Shadow, Destro
    VVV Purple Viper
    T crotch Storm Shadow from K-mart
    Razor Trooper
    VVV Jinx
    Ghost bear
    Wave3 Firefly
    Wave 3 Stalker
    Wave 3 Zartan, Dusty
    Unproduced blue/green VVV Wave 1 Storm Shadow
    Wave 1 Snake eyes(brown)
    DTC Long Range
    Agent faces variant(has chaps on)
    Muskrat w/ webbed Hand
    Vehicle drivers: Sgt. Bazooka w/ quickstrike, Ice Sabre w/ frostbite, Jungle Strike w/ roll bar
    VVV Tunnnel Rat Wave 2
    Coils Crusher w/ unreleased different arms
    Action Attack unreleased Slash
    Bats V3
    Wave 3 SE one Black, one grey
    VVV wild Bill
    Spy troops Tunnelrat
    Mission disk SS prototype
    RAH collection Serpentor, Tomax, Xamot
    Walmart Roadblock
    JVC Ripper
    Spy Troops Shipwreck
    BTR Firefly, Torpedo, Shadow Viper
    Wave 8 Cobra commander(spy troops)
    Spy troops wave 7 Night Creeper
    Wave 7.5 Viper
    Cancelled Crimson 3 pack Snake Eyes, Gung Ho, Duke
    Venomous Maximus with unpainted calves
    Torch(leg not painted with flame)
    Leather neck w/ Defense Mech
    Slipstream w/Thunderwing
    VVV Scarlet(one green, one pink)
    Hard Drive
    Early bird 4 pack
    “giraffe neck soldier and officer from Cobra infantry with removable Helmets
    JVC Mindbender
    JVC all white Snow Wolf
    Swamp Rat
    Over kill

    12 inch Bazooka and Cobra Commander
    Red V5 Bat
    Cobra snow mobile
    Battle Hornet

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    was that DTC Long Range a fully painted figure? If so how much?


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