GI Joe's From Thailand-Check This Out!!!

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    Thumbs up GI Joe's From Thailand-Check This Out!!!

    Hey Guys,

    Me again..

    I recently went to Thailand (beautiful place!!!),anyways..whilst shopping I discovered a Shop that was selling some 80's He-Man toy's, being a toy collector I just had to check the store out, hoping to find some cool bargains.

    That's where I found some GI Joe Type Figure's.This Line of bootleg Joe's ( I think) went under the name The Magnificent Team . Most of the figures resembled classic GI joe's Like Hawk, Snow Job, Beach Head, Dr. Mindbender etc.But these are bigger in comparison to the 3 3/4 Inch GI Joe line and smaller than the 12 Inch GI Joe Line.My guess is they're somewhere in between.

    Quite interesting, I havent heard of these figures before so I picked up all the figures the store owner had.Which were only 3

    Anyways I will be posting the Pictures to my Yahoo Photo Album Soon...

    If Anyone is interested in buying these figures, LMK
    I'm trying to sell my toy collection to make room for my office/study.

    Have a great day
    God Bless

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    Sounds interesting - be sure to post the pics here.
    Your Toys...Our Tattoos

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    To all those that are interested in viewing the Pics of the GI Joe Figure's from Thailand I have just uploaded all 2 pictures to my Yahoo Photo album, please go to the website below to view the pics:

    Have a geat day
    God Bless

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    Hey Tattoo Shane,

    You can check out the Pic's of the Beach Head figure at the website above.If You want I will post pictures of the other figures as well, or you can check out the card back of the Beach Head figure to view them.


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    I've been there twice, you can't imagine what those people can reproduce but haven't seen Joes there. Hope you had fun instead of chasing Joes all your vacation! :-D

    It has been 6 years ago when I was there for the last time. It's a great place. I was there for the first time when I was 8 (12 years ago). Those people never saw a blond young western boy Even the Japanese visiters had to take pictures of me :P I think I'm in lots of photo books by now hehe
    Yes, it's me.

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    I've seen those being sold here in Brazil, as imports, four ou five years ago (maybe more), but at the time I didn't notice they were Joes' knock-offs.

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    I have a series of figs like that from Europe but of Star Wars figures, they are three times the size of The regular Star Wars figs....


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