Favorite DTC Wave 3 Figure


Poll: Which is your favorite DTC Wave 3 Figure

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    Favorite DTC Wave 3 Figure

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    It took me 1 second to make up my mind on this topic. Low-Light with out a doubt. I love everything about this figure. I repeat everything...

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    grand slam.....the only figure im going to buy. i hate new sculpts but i also hate handling my 83 grand slam. i always feel like im going to break him, so its time for a replacement.

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    Low Light, he's always been one of my favorite joes. Nice figure.
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    Low-Ligth is always one of my favorite characters I was even thinking of making me one a costum with a Torpedo but I believe Hasbro I am advanced in the idea or they took it out of T.N.I. but the figure this very good one.

    Cobra Trooper this horrible one its head it seems a bell when is put the helmet

    Grand Slam ehh if this well

    Med Alert for that devils don't make Life Line figure and they are left of being inventing characters

    Monkey Wrench this very beautiful one the detail of the jacket is them super, I wait they take out to production the other Dreaknoks that they lack as Buzzer, Road PIG etc.

    S.A.W. Viper the murderer this very well carried out although it is not compared with the original it is allowed to see, the only thing that I dislike is the reciling of bodies and parts that Hasbro has carried out and resembles Mattel

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    I said Low-Light, even though he has issues holding his gun. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to display him because of this. Aside from that though, he just looks too cool.

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    cant give fair judgement til i own them, anyone know when hasbro is gonna let us buy them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 82to87Joes
    cant give fair judgement til i own them, anyone know when hasbro is gonna let us buy them?
    That's where I am for my vote.

    However, in order to stay on topic, I'll go with Grand Slam until I have them in my hands for review.
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    Low Light.
    Crap in a hat..

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    I feel special. I'm the only one who voted for Med-Alert. I dunno why, but I am so looking forward to getting him if/when Hasbro finally starts selling Wave 3.
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