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    Apologies To All and A Question for Craig!!!!!

    Apologies to all and Craig for this thread running off course. Thanks for all of the great stories Craig, but I really have a sincere question to ask and I hope you'll answer. I know you said this awe striker will come with a recent note certifying it as what you say it is, but do you have any other proof of who you are than a recent letter? I mean a picture of you designing the awe striker or some documenation from Hasbro? I'm saying this knowing that for a collectible to be worth something because of its history there has to be good proof to support that you were indeed a hasbro designer. I mean to be honest you could have been a worker that got free samples and still have good stories of early Hasbro designing. I just think that we as members assumed you were who you said you were too quickly and some even purchased items gung-ho because they believed in your story without actual proof. Or does any fellow collector out there know of some documenation of Craig as a noted Hasbro designer? I would love to find out and hope Craig will continue to post on the boards despite me.

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    i was thinking the same thing, but was afraid to say because maybe some collectors over here would have been offended.

    i think we all believe he's a hasbro engineer.

    but the problem i have with some rare gijoe items is that you mostely have little garantee that the item is authentic.

    i have no doubt that he's a hasbro engineer and a honest man. and we may not forget that he did not visit this board for selling some stuff. so what I say is not ment as criticism against hasbroengineer.

    and he certainly doesn't have to apologise because his auctions were so succesfull. the awe striker is one of the greatest gijoe vehicles ever made, so you deserve it.

    but personally i would not pay +1000$ because it was the personal sample the engineer received, because how can you garantee for 100% that this is true?????

    the same problem i had with that recent prototype of one of the 1994 cancelled ninja figures. how can you garantee the authenticity with all these hong kong real or fake "prototypes" on ebay????

    look at the story of the PDDestro. an internet seller sells one, some people say he's real, others say he's false. the same story with some south american gijoe figures.
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    dude wouldnt it be hillarious to find out that he wasnt an employee of hasbro and someone paid a grand for a awe striker with a fake note. i can see the thread now.

    ok seriously though. he knows too much to not be an engineer. craig if you are still around dont let a couple inconsiderate people ruin this opertunity to get to know a creator. there are over 5000 members here. all of us would love to hear your stories.

    now excuse me while i go get some milk and cookies and sit next to the fire waiting for craigs stories...........

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    Ill bring the marshmallows..

    Quote Originally Posted by bluebikerboy1
    there are over 5000 members here. all of us would love to hear your stories.

    now excuse me while i go get some milk and cookies and sit next to the fire waiting for craigs stories...........
    Craig (and PJ) dont worry or feel responsible for this thread evolving in this way. It can potentially happen with any of them.
    Please dont go, we all want to hear more stories.
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    My two cents...


    Don't feel bad your auction went so high. What's the point in selling if don't want to get the most out of the auction?

    Don't feel bad because the thread turned into a free for all. We are all adults and even the most refined politician and diplomate will cut your heart out. As far as debate goes, you can talk to anyone about anything; except religion and politics.


    Your opinions matter. Don't think a lot of us didn't say "What the..." when we saw the final outcome of the auction. But I have learned that some will pay exhuberant prices for items. I'll give you an example; I personally think a Pimp Daddy Destro is a waste of plastic but there are those that would give a right arm for one. Go figure. I have never done a search for the figure on ebay. Same goes with a gold Steel Brigade figure. I won't pay more than $40 for a complete Hardtop and won't pay any kind of price for a mint in box vehicle or figure (Unless it was just too cheap to pass up). I work in an investment bank and I'll pay $50 for a nice button-up shirt from Banana Republic. But there are co-workers and clients of mine that have to have their shirts from PINK and will spend $250-350 for a shirt. Alot of people look at it as a status symbol. The same way guys collect/trick out their cars is the same way dude can pay $1000+ for an AWE Striker. Whether that seems rediculous to you or not, someone was willing to pay for it. Personally, that's most of next month's mortgage but we don't know how well off the seller is. Maybe $1000 is nothing to him?

    Ultimately, I think most people took offense at the tone conveyed in your responses instead of the content of them. Reading them, personally, they came off as superior sounding and like you were ridiculing any one that would "dare" over spend. I'm not saying that it was indended and I'm sure your tone sounded different in your head as you were typing it, but from me, a third party, this was what I thought.

    No, lol, we are not living in a communist state. And yeah, some of us have way too thin a skin and should rethink joining forums like this.

    Ultimately, opinnions are like, well you know what I mean. Either way, if one of you steps away from this board, it will be a tragic circumstance as Hasbro Engineer has a wealth of insightful information we have yet to tap into and Zartan Master seems to have a love for Joe that makes him a welcome addition to this family of Joe enthusists.

    Again, my two cents!
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    Gonna chime in now...IMHO the buyer did not pay $1000 for the AWE Striker. Many people have already pointed out that they have had much nicer examples of this piece for a fraction of the cost. I think we (as a group) are more enamored with it's (Craig's AWE Stiker) history as were the bidders who bid it up so high. So needless to say the $1000 paid for this item was NOT for the AWE Striker itself but simply it's (that particular piece's) history. Should we criticize the high bidder? I do not think so. I would have paid a great amount of money (a great amount to me) but not the $1000 it received quite simply because I was not as smitten with it as say Yosh or Guts. Hopefully Craig will see these threads and reconsider and enlighten us with some of the inner working of what we know to be quite a mysterious business. Thanks Craig for sharing what is truly a unique piece of GI Joe history and a project that is sure to have been quite an accomplishment for you. Yo Joe!
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    Reply by Craig

    For some reason, my last reply does not seem to exist on this thread.

    I am for real, I designed the AWE Striker completely myself with 1 draftsman, the crawler and gantry portion of the Defiant with the help of 12 draftsmen, the Avalanche with the help of one draftsman, and the Headquarters completely on my own.

    Now is the Holiday season, so have a Happy New Year!


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    Quote Originally Posted by hasbroengineer
    Now is the Holiday season, so have a Happy New Year!

    you too craig and remember don't drink and drive

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    Get on the same team

    The last thing that I wanted or expected was to cause friction between a civilized group of collectors.
    Let's get it together.

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