Cobra Tele-Vipers

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    Question Cobra Tele-Vipers

    Were they merely communication geeks who followed around field commanders?

    Or did they have more roles in your Joe-verse?
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    It all depends on the scenario, but I like to use them as field liasons for Cobra Command, Recon Unit leaders, or BAT field commanders. Oh, and counter-espionage/intelligence troops too. Although with his goofy grin my Tele-Viper v1 gets used for all the really, really geeky stuff, a la Professor Frink.


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    I used for communications between cobra leaders and field commanders
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    I didn't own a Tele-Viper until recently (he was part of my major order of Cobra types which spanned from 1982-83 all the way to 1990). While I did order a few other Cobra types they were part of box sets that also had some Joe Types in them so his role hasn't been figured out yet. The only CObra figure from that order set to have a role is my Range Viper

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    I also saw them as the computer-tech guys for the Cobras. You know, they help reboot the system after Mainframe f-s them up.

    That being said, I like ALL the descriptions and ideas you guys bounced around above my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plastica View Post
    I didn't own a Tele-Viper until recently
    same here ironically. Never really liked the look of him as a kid. Picked some of the newer versions up over the years.

    Role- well, he is a communication expert- communication on today's battlefield take on a wide role- traditional commo roles, LAN/WAN, sattelite uplinks, etc.

    IT- Mostly techno's take care of it but TV's can perform some lst level maintenance.

    I also use them as counter communication experts as well- jam Joe signals forces, data highjacking, etc.
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    They were just geeks who comunicated from the raven pilots to see the Joes formation and what to exspect!
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    I'm not real creative, so they're just battlefield communications.

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    I have an obsession with the VvV Tele Vipers. I have around 30. They keep everything running smooth at the base.


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