can someone help me identify this car? 1984 galoob "animal"

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    can someone help me identify this car? 1984 galoob "animal"

    it was made by galoob in 1984 and has retractable claws. i seem to remember there were several version and this one was called "animal" but i cant find anything on google or ebay about it

    here is a picture

    Mystery Machine

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    I don't know if it's the mid 80's but I seem to recall a toy commercial on tv about a remote control truck with retractable claws that are suppose to help grip the surface while climbing a hill. I may also have seen some ads in the 80's marvel comics.

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    I could have sworn it was called the claw but looks like it's called the animal, here's all I could find about it:

    Here's a much better site:
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    If I can find the commercial floating around I'll post the link here, but it's definitely "The Animal". EDIT- ooh - apparently the second site Shogi listed has a link to the commercial! SWEET!

    It had a REEEEEALLY catchy theme song, the only words I remember are "Can anything stop - The Animal?" Made me wanna go out and buy one.

    But sadly, the only monster trucks I got for Christmas and birthdays were Stompers.

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    awesome guys! see i could have sworn it was called "the animal" but i couldnt find anything for it. you guys are great! anyone ever see one of these on ebay? what do they go for abouts?

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    I had that, but can't remember for the life of be what it was called.

    It used batteries and only went foward and climbed stuff with the claws that popped out. The switches could bring the claws out when you wanted them or came out on it's own to climb over.
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