Howdy all,
I have found a fairly reliable way to remove stripped or rusty screws from the back of my Joes.It requires a variable speed drill, an 1/16 in. bit needle nose pliars, and a bit of patience. I very slowly begin to drill in reverse until the Phillips head is hollowed out. I then drill in the forward motion.
I drill down to the threaded shaft of the screw. At this point the head will fall offand I can open up the torso. After that all I have to do is remove the shaft of the screw with the pliars and the Joe is as good as new. You must be careful to drill sraight down and not to drill very far into the shaft otherwise you have nothing for your pliars to grab. I have done five different joes this way and only had complications with 1, but the way I see it they would be useless unless i can get that screw out. Has anyone else tried anything like this?