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    I have two a MOC Funskool Crimson Guard Immortal and a near perfect Action Force Quarral
    So much to do, so many things to distract me.
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    I just added Argentina Backstop and UK Stalker to my collection. Here are some pics.
    Pictures by mklane1 - Photobucket

    Also I am selling the Persuader(minus Backstop and filecard). Make me an offer. Pics are here:
    Argentina Persuader for sale pictures by mklane1 - Photobucket

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    I've got:

    The entire euro tiger force squad.
    euro spirit
    euro mutt
    quarrel with bike
    stalker with panther
    red S.N.A.K.E.
    blades with hawk
    the brazilian tiger force squad
    cobra de aco
    cobra soldado
    and urzor.
    That's it for the moment. Hoping to add some more.

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    How could I forget...
    I also have the 3 UK PAC/RAT, a plastirama rattler in sealed bags and an unused plastirama falcon glider.
    But that's it for sure.

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    I found another Hunter and a couple more Red Lasers in a box that I forgot I had. I'll have to update the pictures I posted a few pages back in post #74. That Hunter Figure is definitely one of my favorite repaints.
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    I took some new pictures.

    Click to enlarge.

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    Nice! Are the Lasers any different? If I was going after one, what would I expect to pay? (just a decent range). Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthdrew13 View Post
    Nice! Are the Lasers any different? If I was going after one, what would I expect to pay? (just a decent range). Thanks.
    I think they're all the same. A couple have darker red waists but I think that is discoloration.

    Not sure how much they go for now. I paid about $50 each on average and 2 of them were MOC but I opened them.
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    Drew, the german version of the figure was released without a skull on the head(death from violence and warfare was a touchy subject after WW2)

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    also, the cheapest way to get the euro figures is to use ebay UK just login with your normal ebay username and password. Also, if the seller won't ship to the states the guys on blood for the baroncan be middlemen and get you taken care of


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