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    Wow... where to begin...
    I'd say a good 95% of the figures on this list are mint and complete with filecards/fullcards and all accessories...

    • Cobra Invasor (Snake Eyes w/Cobra logo)
    • Ninja-Ku (Black Storm Shadow)
    • Satan (Red Storm Shadow)
    • Sokerk 1 (Tan Grunt)
    • Sokerk 2 (Tan Ripcord)
    • Sparta (Cover Girl)
    • Condor (Airborne)
    • T.N.T. (Silver/Blue Blowtorch)
    • Antorcha (Blowtorch)
    • Sigilo (Quick Kick)
    • Fuego (Ripcord)
    • Sgto. Slaughter
    • S.O.S. (Doc)
    • Back-Stop (Blowtorch Repaint in Backstop colors)


    • Gladion (Rock 'n Roll)
    • Triton (Stalker)
    • Elétron (Flash)
    • Cobra Invasor (Snake Eyes w/Cobra logo)
    • Cobra Soldado (Cobra)
    • Athena (Scarlett)
    • Mastim (Mutt)
    • Cobra de Aço
    • S.O.S. (Doc)
    • Sparta (Cover Girl)
    • Fumaça (Ripcord)
    • Condor (Airborne)
    • Estopim (Grunt - Tan)
    • Meia-Noite (Low-Light)
    • Coiote (Footloose)
    • Fogueira (Barbecue)
    • Relâmpago (Python Patrol Ripcord)
    • Gatilho (Python Patrol Airborne)
    • Ar Puro (Tiger Force Airtight)
    • Felino (Tiger Force Dusty)
    • Marujo (Tiger Force Shipwreck)
    • Robóid (B.A.T.)
    • Duque (Tiger Force Duke)
    • Paramédico (Tiger Force Lifeline)
    • Letal (Frag Viper)
    • Hit & Run
    • Biológico
    • Biomassa
    • Biosfera (Sneak Peek)
    • Annihilator
    • Rampart
    • Corrosão (Dee Jay)
    • Leontor (Backblast)
    • Scoop
    • Kangor (Big Boa)
    • Gung Ho
    • Voltar
    • Tigor (Recoil)
    • Poluição (Cesspool)
    • Urzor (Repeater)
    • Python (Python Patrol Officer)
    • Abutre Negro
    • Águia Comando
    • Albatroz
    • Escorpião Voador
    • Armadilha (Beach Head)
    • Asa Negra (Headhunter Stormtrooper)
    • Cérebro (Mace)
    • Mortífero (Alley Viper)
    • Pegásus (Cross Country)
    • Raio Verde (H.E.A.T. Viper)
    • Dr. Mindbender
    • Coronel Coragem (Colonel Courage)
    • Vândalo (Gristle)
    • Anjo da Guarda (Keel Haul)
    • Pântano (Iceberg)
    • Réptil do Ar (Crimson Guard Commander)
    • Tiro Certo (Bulletproof)

    • Duke
    • Major Bludd
    • Tiger Force Flint

    • Duke

    • Carcass
    • Lobotomaxx


    • Blades (Tripwire)
    • Dolphin (Zap)
    • Gaucho (Gung Ho)
    • Hunter (Cobra Officer)
    • Jammer (Stalker - Dark Green Camo)
    • Moondancer (Short Fuze)
    • Quarrel (Scarlett)
    • Red Jackal (Destro)
    • Red Laser (Cobra Commander)
    • Stalker (Snake Eyes)
    • Steeler
    • Mutt
    • Spirit
    • Tiger Force Blizzard
    • Tiger Force Hit & Run
    • Tiger Force Outback
    • Tiger Force Psyche-Out
    • Tiger Force Sneak Peek
    • Tiger Force Tunnel Rat


    • Airtight
    • Barbecue
    • Baroness
    • Beach Head (Light Green)
    • Beach Head (Red Mask)
    • Big Boa
    • Blaster
    • Blocker
    • Budo
    • Buzzer
    • Capt. Grid Iron
    • Chuckles
    • Cobra Commander
    • Crazylegs
    • Crimson Guard Immortal
    • Croc Master
    • Cross Country
    • Countdown
    • Cutter
    • Deep Six
    • Desert Scorpion
    • Dial-Tone
    • Dodger
    • Eel
    • Flint
    • General Flagg
    • General Hawk
    • Gung Ho
    • Hawk v2
    • Hydro-Viper
    • Iceberg (Pink)
    • Incinerator
    • Law
    • Lady Jaye (Lime Green)
    • Lifeline (Yellow Shirt)
    • Lifeline (Green Vest)
    • Major Bludd (Brown)
    • Mercer
    • Metal Head
    • Muskrat
    • Night Viper
    • Ozone
    • Psyche-Out
    • Quick Kick
    • Red Dog
    • Ripper
    • Roadblock
    • Road Pig
    • Rock n Roll
    • Sci-Fi
    • Scrap Iron
    • Sgt Smasher
    • Shipwreck
    • Shortfuse (green)
    • Skydiver
    • Snake Eyes (black and silver)
    • Snake Eyes (blue)
    • Spearhead & Max
    • Stalker (green)
    • Storm Shadow
    • Street Hawk (Spearhead chest)
    • Street Hawk (TARGET chest)
    • Super Cop
    • Superhero
    • TARGAT
    • Torpedo (Blue)
    • Torpedo (Yellow)
    • Toxo-Viper
    • Tracker
    • Tunnel Rat
    • Wild Bill
    • Wild Weasel
    • Zandar
    • Zap (dull green)
    • Zarana
    • Zartan

    uhm.... I think that's it.... but i might have missed a few Brazil and India ones...

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    That's a FANTASTIC collection, got any pictures of it ?

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    as far as a whole... not really. I should set them up for some photoshots though....

    as individual... i tried to upload pics of superhero and blue snake-eyes in the other thread i started but the pics need mod approval?

    I am thinking of moving some of these, some of the brazil ones i've already spoken to someone about moving them... and i'm thinking of moving some of the funskool ones...

    is there any you want to see pics of?

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    It would just be cool to see so many of those International figures in a picture or part of a collection or what ever ? if you had the opportunity, I'm sure many of us on here would like to see a picture of all those figures. Either in a group or by country of origin. Thanks in advance

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    I recently picked up these plastirama ninja's

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    Red Laser x 2
    Tiger Force Outback

    Alpinista (Hit and Run) x 2

    Fuera de la Ley (Destro)
    Sgto. Slaughter (Sgt Slaughter)
    Condor (Airborne)


    Escape Armor x 2
    SAS Panther + MMS


    MRF Jeep MISB
    Police Jeep MISB

    MSV (jeep only)
    CJC 2011 - Complete set
    CJC 2012 - Complete set
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    My lists: For sale/ for trade, Wanted

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    Argentina :
    Fuera de Lalay (Destro)
    Sigilo (Quick-kick)
    Fuego ( Ripcord)
    Sgto. Slaughter
    Sos ( Doc)
    Alado (Crazy legs)
    Condor (Airborne)

    Sgto. Slaughter

    Cobra Caudrimoto Metralla (Ferret)
    Lanza-Rayos Laser ( HAL w/ box , BP & inserts)
    Exterminador Triple "T" (triple "T" w/ box , insets & BP)

    Sparta (Cover Girl)
    Falcon (Breaker - missing all accessories)
    Gladion ( Rock N' roll)
    Triton (Stalker)
    *Triton (custom action force figure)
    Front (Grunt)
    Front (Grunt w/both broken thumbs)

    blindado De Assalto (vamp MK II)
    Jipe De Ataque (vamp / w green MK II fog lamps)
    Jipe De Ataque ( vamp / w shovel hood & MK II fog lamps)
    Jipe De Ataque (missing all parts, bent axle & craked roll bar)

    Blades ( black & grey trip wire)
    Graucho (gung-ho w/ orange pants)
    Jammer (Stalker w black cammo and red beret)
    Moondancer ( all grey Zap- incomplete)
    Quarrel ( Scarlet w/ blonde hair & all green uniform)
    *Quarrel ( custom shooter figure)
    Red Jackal ( Destro w/ scull and cross bones on chest)
    Red Lazer ( all red Cobra Commander V1)
    *Red Lazer ( custom Cobra Commander)
    Steeler ( light green steeler w/ red helmet)
    Stalker ( Snake eyes w/ grey face mask)
    Hunter ( cobra officer all black w/ grey & SAS logo)
    * custom Hunter figure x3 (cobra officers NO SAS logo)
    Ton Up ( Rock N' roll , almost identical to U.S.A. figure)
    TF Blizzard
    TF Hit & run
    TF Pyche-out
    TF Outback
    TF Tunnel rat
    TF Sneak -peek
    U.K. exclusive Mutt (red head mutt w/ blue, green & light blue uniform)
    U.K. exclusive Spirit ( dark green uniform w/ red stripes & blue boots)

    Hawk ( SAS black fang w/ yellow )
    Mobile Missile System ( black MMS w/ grey missiles)
    Panther ( all black vamp w/ yellow parts)
    Panther ( all black vamp w/ yellow parts & roll bar)
    *Panther - 6 customs
    SAS Wolverine ( all black wolverine w/ grey missile launcher & engine cover)
    SAS wolverine ( missing tow cable)
    * SAS wolverine- 2 customs ( with Jungle terror twin battle gun on top) COBRA & SAS
    Wolverine v2 ( color variation dark green w/ grey missile launcher & engine cover)
    MOBAT ( lighter green variant Z-force)
    *MOBAT- custom (top half lighter green AF on bottom U.S. variant )
    Rapid Fire Motorcycle (bright green RAM ) X 2
    rapid fire motorcycle X 4 missing saddle bags & 1 side gun
    Whirlwind X2 ( bright green)
    Attack cannon (bright green flak w/ black base & legs)
    Attack cannon - custom ( bright green flak with U.S. dark green base & legs)
    ACTION FORCE H.Q. ( bright green with black cammo pattern)
    ATC complete , minus Ariel
    ATC incomplete (missing stretcher, missile launcher & ariel)
    Havoc (lighter green then U.S)
    Awe striker (lighter green then U.S.)
    Warthog (brighter shade of green used in U.S. variant)
    Mean dog ( a lighter tan then the U.S. variant)
    Skystriker ( palitoy stickers )
    red shadows:
    Escape armour ( all red snake)
    laser exterminator ( all red HAL)
    Hyena ( all red hiss tank)
    Hyena v2 ( black hiss tank w/ red, white & yellow stripes)
    Hyena v2 ( red hiss tank w/ red, white & yellow stripes)
    *Hyena custom ( 2008 hiss tank for The Black Major)
    *Hyena custom (2009 artic hiss for Baron Ironblood)
    Shadow trax X3 (1 missing missile tips)
    ASP ( same as U.S. w/ red, white & yellow stripes)
    Water moccasin v1 ( same as U.S. w/ red, white & yellow stripes)
    Night Attack -1 w/ silver rims ( same as U.S. w/ red, white & yellow stripes)
    Night Attack 4 w/ rubber tyres ( same as U.S. w/ red, white & yellow stripes)

    MOC Duke
    MOC Dial tone
    Loose- Duke

    vamp ( MISB)
    vamp (loose)
    * custom vamp ( with Rubens stickers)

    India :

    clutch ( a sign from above that eventually I will have a bright green funskool VAMP !)
    Short- Fuse
    Wild weasel
    beach head
    wild bill
    tunnel rat
    trip -wire
    hydro-viper X2
    spear-head (night force colors)

    I have over 50 other Funskool figures MOC, but they're all boxed up in star cases and I'm not about to spend another hour on this list to write them all down ! LOL If a Funskool figure is worth $50 or less - I probably have it. if its more, I wish I had it !! LOL

    desert fox MISB
    desert fox ( w / U.S. variant brown parts)
    devil fish
    super cop box set ( light blue vamp, fang, devil fish & mirage motorcycle )
    MISB MRF racing jeep ( all red vamp)
    MRF vamp
    *custom MRF vamps ( red shadows & cobra)
    MISB police jeep ( dark blue vamp)
    police jeep ( dark blue vamp)
    * custom police jeep ( dreadnok stinger W/ nova cast repro parts)
    Skystriker X 8 ( F-14 customs w/ cobra sticker squadron colors + TOP GUN)

    M.S.V. ( all black vamp & MMS)
    Cobra combat tank ( all black mobat )
    Last edited by navy viper; 10-13-2015 at 04:32 AM. Reason: added mean dog to U.K. list

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    I just added this brazillian Cobra Ninja: Cobra de gelo to my international storm shadow variants.

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    That guy from Utah!?
    This is what I have International so far:

    Not pictured are: 2 Funskool Fang, 1 Action Force A.W.E., Action Force Havoc (in the mail), Brazil Felino, Argentina T.N.T.


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