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    What's in your international Collection?

    Hey all, Just curious to see who has what in their International collection of Joes? I don't collect one specific nation, But I do get the figures I think are just awesome and belong in my Joe verse, So I'll start it out with my small amount of International Joes That I own, and please, post Picts of your figs and vehicles if you have em

    I don't have any Vehicles and my figure list is meager, so this will be easy.

    Of course this is from an American point of view, but all sides are welcomed.

    International Joes.

    Red Laser

    Cobra De Aco

    Figures I have in the mail on there way to me,
    Cobra Soldado
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    Um, lessee. . .

    I got Hunter, Quarrel, TF Psyche-Out, a UK carded Stormy (the only one I've ever seen), and Funskool up the wazoo.


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    I currently have a Blades figure & Hyena HISS Tank, Laser Exterminator
    and Red Lazer

    I used to have TF Outback & Euro Spirit
    as well as Panther with Stalker <Snake Eyes>

    also had Brazilian stuff Escorpiao Voador, Biomassa & Poluciao
    and the Furion - man do i regret selling that one
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    Thumbs up

    I've got a handful of foreigns:

    UK/Action Force
    • Baron Ironblood, black gloves
    • Baron Ironblood, white gloves
    • Black Major
    • Kraken
    • Muton
    • Red Jackel
    • Red Laser
    • Red Vulture, red gloves (not the Red Shadow, but close)
    • Red Wolf
    • Skeletron
    • Enemy Battle Gear
    • Escape Armour
    • Hyena (AF sticker version)
    • Laser Exterminator
    • Roboskull
    • Shadowtrak

    Also a handful of things from the AF team, but I forget which

    • Hyena Driver
    • Hyena, red
    • Hyena, black

    Not too many of these, with most of them, the stickers/decals are the only noticable differance, so I haven't gone after them yet.

    • Calavera
    • Fuera de la Ley
    • Ninja-Ku
    • Satan

    Still looking for a couple of them.

    • Abutre Negro
    • Armadilha
    • Cobra de Aco
    • Cobra Oficial
    • Kangor
    • Pantano (Piloto de Rothor, not Naja Anfibio)
    • Vibora
    • Reptil do Ar
    • Urzor
    • Vandalo
    • Furion
    • Hidroelice de Emboscada
    • Naja Hidro-Helicoptero

    Lots of gaps here yet.

    • B.A.T., red sticker version
    • Big Boa
    • Buzzer, yellow shirt
    • CC, removable red mask
    • CGI
    • Croc Master
    • Desert Scorpion
    • Eel
    • Hydro-Viper
    • Incinerator
    • Major Bludd, grenades version
    • Metal Head
    • Night Viper
    • Ripper, green shirt
    • Road Pig
    • Scrap Iron
    • Storm Shadow, upside-down tattoo version
    • T.A.R.G.A.T.
    • Toxo Viper
    • Wild Weasel
    • Zarana
    • Zartan
    • full Pepsodent set
    • Razorback

    Probably generally the easiest foreigns to find, but I'm still missing about ½ of what I'm looking for.

    Shorter lists
    • Canada - Cobra Motorized Tank (Consumer Distributing)
    • China - Major Bludd, General Flagg chest version
    • China - Destro
    • Mexico - Carcass
    • Mexico - Lobotomaxx

    Overall, I think I probably have ⅔ - ¾ of the foreigns that I want in my collection. There are multiples of some, but not too many. Most of them are mlc, but some are played with. Most of the Funskool are still carded, I just haven't gotten around to opening them yet.
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    wow, you have the black Hyena AND the Roboskull?

    How do you fit in the Roboskull into your joe-verse??
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    I have all of the "easy-to-find" Funskool figures plus a white Iceberg variant, Superhero and Supercop

    from Brazil: Gatilho, Relampago, Ar Puro, Marujo, Urzor (all complete) & Escorpiao Voador (MOC)

    from Argentina: Satan

    UK: TF Psych-Out (MOC), TF Outback, TF Tunnel Rat, TF Blizzard, TF Hit & Run, TF Sneak Peek and Red Jackal

    China (all MOC): Major Bludd, Destro, Barricade (Roadblock) and TF Flint/Falcon
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    Quote Originally Posted by donsbabyboo
    wow, you have the black Hyena AND the Roboskull?

    How do you fit in the Roboskull into your joe-verse??
    Well, it fits in a little better than the POGO.

    It's a part of the European branch of Cobra, a worldwide organization in my Joeverse. For me, if it's been made into a toy, it fits into my world, but sometimes things will get a different role than what was intended.

    Unfortunately, my Roboskull is missing the eye guns, but it's otherwise in near perfect condition.
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    I've got a few:

    TF Outback MOC
    TF Psyche Out MOC
    Mutt repaint MOC
    Spirit repaint loose/complete
    Jammer mint in bubble
    Action Force Steeler loose/complete
    Tiger Force Sneak Peek loose/no accessories
    Escape Armor loose
    SAS Panther loose
    Z Force Whirlwind MIB
    Laser Exterminator loose (x2)
    Red Laser loose/complete
    Stalker loose

    Satan MOC
    Ninja Ku MOC
    Ripcord MOC
    Sgt Slaughter MOC
    Quick Kick MOC
    Destro MOC
    TNT loose/complete (with 'torch' weapon)
    Backstop loose/complete

    Ar Puro loose/complete
    Marujo loose/complete
    Cobra De Aco loose/complete
    Python Patrol Swampfire loose
    Biomassa MOC
    Biosfera MOC
    Red Water Moccasin w/box
    Furion (Silver Rage) MIB

    Tiger Force Flint MOC (actually Falcon painted like Flint)
    Major Bludd MOC

    Destro MOC (cool graphics on Japanese cards)

    Cobra Officer MOC (with comic book issue 1 back)

    Red/Yellow Beachhead MOC
    Zap (Steeler Head) MOC
    Iceberg (caucasian) MOC
    Superhero MOC
    Skydiver MOC
    Supercop Rescue Squad MIB
    MRF Jeep MISB
    MRF Jeep MIB
    Police Jeep MIB
    and tons of other later year India repaints........Wild Bill, TARGAT, Lifeline, Spearhead and so on.....
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    man i gots too much stuff

    here's what I got so far.

    Torch MOC

    Vamp Jeep MIB

    TF Flint MOC
    Dusty & Sandstorm MOC
    Major BLudd MOC
    Dial Tone MOC
    TF Roadblock MOC
    Cobra Commander MOC
    Destro MOC
    Toxo Zombie MOC

    Fang 2 MISB
    Liquidator MIB

    SAS Hawk and Blades ( with box + insert)
    Z Force Jeep + Driver MIB
    Z Force Tank
    Z Force Steeler loose ( need only his helmet)
    Z Force Flak MISB
    Z Force Whirlwind MISB
    Z Force Shaft ( PacRat gun) MIB
    AF-5 Multi purpose Vehicle
    SAS Jeep + Stalker
    SAS Jeep Variant
    SAS Wolverine
    Quarrel loose complete
    TF Outback Loose complete
    Black Major MOC
    Q Force Aqua Trooper MOC
    Space Patrol MOC
    Baron Ironblood MOC
    Action Force Muskrat MOC ( no difference in colours.. just the card details)
    Q Force Deep Sea Defender MOC
    Muton MOC
    Z Force Sapper MOC
    Space Engineer MOC
    Enemy Weapons Pack MOC
    Z Force Weapons pack MOC
    Laser Externinator
    TF Tiger Cat with box and MIBag Frostbite v2
    Z Force Shaft ( PacRat Missile launcher) loose
    Action Force Dodger loose complete ( colour variants from NOrAm version)
    Para Assault MIB
    Silent Assault MIB
    AF Armadillo


    Flint MOC
    Footloose ( speedy) MOC

    Destro MOC
    Star Brigade Rock n'Roll
    Big Bear MOC

    Ratt MISB


    Iron Grenadier MOC
    TF Tripwire MOC
    Blocker MOC

    Iceburg MOC
    Dr MIndbender v1 loose
    Dr MIndbender V2 MOC
    Cerebro MOC
    Rampart Loose
    Keel Haul MOC
    Heat Viper ( Raio Verde) MOC
    Bullet Proof ( Triio Certo) MOC
    Biologico MOC
    Biomassa MOC
    Sparta MOC
    Voltar MOC
    Python Trooper MOC
    Alpiniasta MOC
    Mutt & Junkyard loose
    Spearhead loose
    Barbeque loose

    SLAM Loose
    LCV Recon Sled Box
    Sea Ray Box


    Super Sonic Zap ( Bill .. yeah his code name is Bill ) MOC
    Abismo ( Deep Six v2) MOC
    Dojo ( Doyo) MOC
    Wild Bill v3 MOC


    Apnee ( Deepsix V2 )
    Lance-Flamme ( Incinerators) MOC


    Muskrat DEF MOC
    Law DEF MOC

    loads of the newer stuff
    Baroness MOC
    Snow Job MOC
    Blue Torpedo loose incomplete

    Skystriker MIB
    Rescue Squad set
    MRF Jeep
    Police Jeep MIB


    Crazy Legs MOC
    Ripcord MOC
    Destro MOC
    Quick Kick MOC
    Sgt Slaughter MOC
    Airborne MOC
    Eels MOC



    MSV Loose almost complete
    Cobra Black Motorized Tank x2 Complete
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