Pamphles and Blueprints for accessories

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    Pamphles and Blueprints for accessories

    I've got the following paperwork to sell for $1.00 shipped each or trade for accessories, want list after have list:


    Creat-A-Joe Steel Brigade order form
    (2) Combat Pay coupons
    The Invasion Of The Giant Cobras mail order catalog 1989
    Operation Deep Six mail order catalog 1988
    Menace In The Wilderness mail order catalog 1993
    Terrifying Lasers Of Destruction mail away catalog 1993
    Fangs Of Doom mail away catalog, actually used
    Rumble In The Jungle mail away catalog 1992 ˝ GI Joe, ˝ My Little Pony
    Terror On The Tundra mail away catalog 1991
    Terror On The Tundra mail away catalog 1991
    Terror On The Tundra mail away catalog 1991 (worn)
    The Secret Of The Dark Lagoon mail away insert 1991
    Escape From Doom mail away catalog 1990
    Attack Of The Swamp Creature mail away insert 1990, has writing lined out
    Operation Deep Six mail away catalog 1988
    GI Joe S.T.R.I.K.E. mail away catalog 1986
    Mail away catalog 1985
    2X Get Tough catalog- Combat Pay 1990
    2X Name Your Joe 1989
    GI Joe/Action Force (UK) Rolling Thunder instructions in English, Italian and Spanish, back has checklist 1989
    Checklist multi-language, 1988-1989
    Checklist 1993
    Checklist 1992
    Checklist 1991
    Checklist 1990
    Checklist 1990
    Checklist 1989
    Checklist 1989
    Checklist 1988
    Checklist 1987
    Checklist 1987
    Checklist 1985


    Parachute Pack 1984
    4X Sky Patrol Parachute Pack 1989
    Cobra Rope Crosser 1987
    Cobra Pom-Pom Gun 1987
    Bushido “Top Secret G.I. Joe Instructions” 1992
    Banzai “Top Secret G.I. Joe Instructions” 1992
    Detonator 1993
    Swampmasher Tri-Lingual (English/Spanish/Italian) 1989
    Rolling Thunder Tri-Lingual (English/Spanish/Italian) 1989
    Polar Battle Bear 1983 (COPY)
    Patriot 1991
    Razor-Blade 1993
    Tiger Fly Tri-Lingual (French/Dutch/Netherlands) 1989
    S.L.A.M. 1987
    Mudbuster 1992
    Pocket Patrol Pack 1985
    Sea Ray 1987
    Ninja Lightning 1992
    Battle Copter (Ace) 1991
    Battle Copter (Mjr Altitude) 1990
    Battle Copter (Interrogator) 1990
    Serpentor’s Air Chariot 1986
    Zanzibar’s Air Skiff 1987
    AGP 1990 (tear on fold)
    Cobra Wolf 1987
    Condor Z-25 1989
    MANTA 1983 (maybe COPY)
    2X Devilfish 1985
    Destro’s Despoiler 1988
    Watch Tower 1984
    Cobra Night Landing 1985
    Outpost Defender 1985 (RARE)
    Street Fighter Karate Chopper 1993
    Street Fighter Crimson Cruiser 1993
    Zartan's Swamp Skier (1984)


    Patriot 1991
    COBRA Jet Pack missing 2 stickers
    Canadian VAMP, only has 4 stickers, (2) Canadian flag and (2) “CANADA”


    2X Sgt Slaughter Proof Of Purchase Certificate for mail-in
    2X Special Bulletin From General Hawk (sticker) from sunglasses saying not to look directly into the sun
    Official Dispatch from G.I. Joe Headquarters introducing Rampage 1989


    1983 helmet for Grunt, Falcon Glider pilot or Clutch, VAMP MK II driver
    Rock ‘N Roll bipod
    1983 Baroness backpack
    1991 Dusty rifle
    Chuckles gun
    1984 Firefly walkie talkie
    1984 Mutt small leash
    Buzzer axe
    Ripper rifle
    1985 Shipwreck anchor
    Footloose bazooka
    Heavy Metal gun, mic
    1986 Viper backpack, rifle
    1986 Crimson Guard backpack, rifle
    1987 Tunnel Rat flashlight x2, rifle
    1985 EEL ORIGINAL flipper x5, gun x2, air masks x2, thruster x2
    1985 Snow Serpent ORIGINAL parachutes x5, rifles x4, rocket x2, rocket stand x4 ACCESSORY PACK rocket, rocket stand
    1991 Snow Serpent backpack, pistol, rifle
    Aero-Viper helmet
    Ice Viper sais x2, helmet
    Night Viper visor, scope, rifle
    Desert Scorpion set of claws, backpack, gun, missile
    1988 Hawk pistol

    Grunt backpack, gun
    Snake Eyes gun, pouch
    Baroness gun, backpack RED
    Rock ‘N Roll bipod
    Firefly walkie talkie
    Crimson Guard gun, backpack
    Viper gun
    Snow Serpent rocket, stand

    Please email offers to me at [email protected] I might trade one piece of paperwork per item.


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