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    Here is something odd. The only Sigma 6 I have purchased was the Ninja Showdown 2-pack with Snake Eyes and Stormshadow. These figures were packaged "normally" IMO. They had only 1 twist tie on each figure and a couple of rubber bands. It was actually quite easy to get them out. Unlike many other toys I opened at Christmas like the pre-school level toys for my daughter and the BBI F-18 for me. I watched 2 periods of a hockey game while opening the F-18, it took that long. And seriously, who wants to steal Weebles anyway?

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    It's fitting that Cobra Commander includes what looks like a coffin, because...

    A. He looks like a goofy vampire now.

    B. Sigma Six killed GI JOE (pick your scale, 12" or 3 3/4" )

    C. He'd probably drown under all that garabage he was packaged in.

    D. In real life he'd be dead (Duke just hasn't informed the public yet)

    Actually I'm over hating Sigma Six toys (still not interested in them, though) , but it sure does look like you are paying for packaging.

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    I'm a convert. I was bashing S6 with the best of them on this bb and others. A month ago `I was in TRU and saw S6 Snake Eyes on the shelf. So I went ahead and bought it and I have to say it's as dang cool toy. I have since purchased Storm Shadow and I still have positive things to say. I will probably buy more. The packaging is a bit ridiculous but it's not that big an issue for me.

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    My recycling bin always has a healthy dose of Joe cardboard and plastic, so I dont fret about Mother Earth.
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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnok4life
    I'm a convert. I was bashing S6 with the best of them on this bb and others. A month ago `I was in TRU and saw S6 Snake Eyes on the shelf. So I went ahead and bought it and I have to say it's as dang cool toy. I have since purchased Storm Shadow and I still have positive things to say. I will probably buy more. The packaging is a bit ridiculous but it's not that big an issue for me.
    I was harsh on the S6 figures once myself.

    But I got Spirit and liked him so much that I'm now feverishly looking for Long Range.

    Though I do agree with others that the packaging is a real pain. But I love that the endcaps recycle into the weapons case!


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    I have been playing with my CC all day. I love that figure. The weapons cases are gonna look sweet with a little styrene to cover the logos and a fresh paint job, sitting in the corner of a COBRA base.
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    Yeah the packaging is way toom uch on those "locker" types. Even on the ones without those..thery are still a pain to open. I do not like the carrtoon but can't stop buying the cobra stuff. I don't like the joe stuff except snake eyes. Otherwise I don't want to spend my $ on the Sigma joes.

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    I am now a reformed Sigma basher having picked up the ninja showdown pack today(the first of many more to come). They are cool toys. I have to agree with everybody on the outlandish packaging. Not necessary. Cool looking but not necessary. The prices are a tad steep but when you compare it to other lines of collectible figures( DC Direct...Marvel Select....Macfarlane toys) they are about the same. Screw the weapons locker and stick with cardboard backs. Thats my opinion.

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    Sigma 6 + $15 = Annoying Pile Of Garbage....AGAIN!

    So it's been a year since I've aquired my first Sigma-6 figure (CC) and today I purchased my second figure (the new CC) for $14.76.

    Lets see if in a year, anything has changed:

    1) The price is the same as the one a year before. Very cool.
    2) Same issue as before when opening the item: lots of tape & a few stretchy bands but only 1 plastic coated metal twist tie this time.
    3) Instructions don't say much but do show that the "power stone" can be inserted into the "fusion blaster". Looked at the power stone and seen it has grooves on both ends. The fusion blaster has a groove to line up the powerstone. So I lined up the grooves and pushed the power stone in. went in......but it wasn't coming out! So after prying around it with a small screwdriver for 5 minutes, I finally dug it back out. I looked a little more carefully at the power stone and noticed that the grooves on one end of it are ever-so-slightly deeper than the other. So I flipped it around and lightly set it back on the fusion blaster......and it fell right in.
    4) Again, attached are photos of the "product" and a list of the "post-consumer waste":

    - hard plastic sleeve
    - decorative cardboard sleeve (“filecard” was on the back. Guess that’s not “waste”.)
    - thick backing cardboard insert
    - plastic insert endcaps
    - plastic straps holding the package together
    - plastic hanger
    - 4 clear, thin, “stretchy bands” to hold pieces / pose stuff
    - various plastic inserts to support/pose figure
    - 1 plastic coated metal twist tie
    - 1 plastic “washer” for twist tie
    - plastic bag for case handles
    - tons of tape to hold everything else in place
    - blinking LED light and 2 AA batteries (It's been stated this is for I'm throwing it in with the "waste")

    Exactly the same as last year.
    There is still way to much material used in the packaging of this toy. $11.99 for the basic figures as compared to this. That's almost a $3 difference...for what? The plastic end caps or the shear amount of garbage use in the packaging?

    I noticed that a few of the $15 figures had the caps but not the foam inserts. A few posts on here have said that the foam inserts are going away. If so, why are those figures still $15 ?

    Figure: A. Love the articulation of these figures.
    Accessories: C. Fusion blaster is cool. Helmet looks good and the pistol with removable clip is really nice. Everything else is pretty much garbage.
    Instructions: F. The "power stone" into the "fusion blaster" really REALLY SUCKS if you insert it backwards. The power stone should have the groove only on 1 end....not both.
    Packaging: big, super, fat F-. Only encountering 1 twisty tie was nice but there is way to much material used to package these figures. And at darn near $15 a figure....something is wrong.

    At best, I see these figures being $9.99. Cut down on packaging, blinking lights & batteries, & all the other pointless garbage....and people might be more inclined to buy these figures. I can't speak for other places...but in stores around here, these figures collect dust.
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    Even cost notwithstanding, the packaging on the average Sigma Six figure is a pain in the . (Although if you want to make up the cost a bit, save the AA batteries from the little blinky thing. They've probably still got some life left in them. Use them in your digital camera or TV remote...)

    I especially found the twist-ties that secured the heads of Zartan and Lt. Stone in their packages to be particularly troublesome, since they couldn't be easily accessed, and trying to cut them, I was worried about cutting Zartan's plastic hood or scratching the paint on the figure!

    Granted also, though, this sort of thing is HARDLY unique to G.I.Joe or EVEN Hasbro products -- Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel Legends, you name it. I can understand wanting to protect a toy as much as possible (and I'll guarantee you those twist-ties are there to prevent easy THEFT as much as anything).

    I am a little less charitable when it comes to wanting to put a figure in a package in a "dramatic pose" since I've had a few instances where the figure is stuffed into some framework that doesn't quite fit him as well as it should, but is such to force that figure to hold a position all the way from China, to the warehouse, to the store, so that by the time a person buys it, the plastic has been warped a bit.

    Bottom line -- if there's any eternal justice in the world, then those who invented and advocated the use of plastic-coated wire twist-ties to secure toys into their packaging will be strapped into uncomfortable chairs by their own product, while those of us who have suffered endless frustration because of it will get to take our turns on them with baseball bats...
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