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    I think Trekker is on to something about twist ties being used for anti-theft than anything else as I've seen many a figure that after taking the 20-30 twist-ties out, the toy still won't budge!

    My favorite example of blatant twist-tie use was with the Wizard exclusive Simpsons "Boxing Homer". He came with 2 boxing gloves. The wrist part (where there would be shoestrings on a real glove) had a notch so it could be put on and off easily. They each had a molded area in the bubble for them and the each had a twist-tie that went through the bubble, into the wrist hole and out the notch in the wrist.......that's right, you could take the glove out of the bubble and never touch the twist-tie!

    So what is the purpose of twist-ties? I'm going with annoyance and anti-theft

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    I have since been given Storm Shadow and his bike, Kamakura, BAT, Ninja Bat, Destro and Zartan. They have grown on me and I like the bad guys. The Cobra Commander is cool and now that they revealed that Firefly was a covert spy and still IS a Cobra I want him too.
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    Quote Originally Posted by 82to87Joes
    im confused, which picture is of the toy and which is of the garbage?
    LOL I don't really like Sigma Six, but the packaging just doesn't bother me. (I only got one fig and don't plan on getting any more.)
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    My kid got a bunch of these for Christmas...and i have to agree! Sheesh! It's got to cost more to put all those twistees and rubber bands in place than to have the thing stolen! I do have to say that I found the cases to be really nice to round up all those parts (minus the foam, even some of the figures fit inside)...but a $5 price difference with and without...that's unreal. Simplify the packaging and include the case for the lower price. That'd probably save money and manpower on both ends of the deal!
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    I may be new here, but I here your paint. The twisties are horrible and sure, other toylines have 'em and may be less, but it is totally a deterrent to people who steal in-store. But hey, isn't a lot of the toy in the marketing? So if Hasbro gives the illusion of gnarly packaging, kids should buy it. But let's be honest, would people really buy these figures if they looked to be on utterly cheap packaging? Plus, Hasbro needed a cash cow and by making S6 look as "attractive" as possible, they hope that things even out.

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    Wink Oh dear... but..

    3 Pages of people complaining about Garbage?
    It's a new one on me.. but oh well each to their own.. I have to agree that the twisty ties I've encountered in the newer release toys.. (not just G.I.Joe) but other toy lines too.. are a pain.. I can also see the point from the designer.. its so much more difficult to steal the toy now..

    So why does the consumer have to pay for the privelege of keeping his toy?

    it seems we really should be grateful and write to hasbro and thank them from the bottom of our hearts so much for charging us an extra $5 .. and for what?
    "Gee thanks Hasbro for including these frustrating annoying pain in the beep beep plastic ties...I didn't get the figure I wanted stolen out of the packaging"

    Just my 1000 USDollars worth.
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    Most of us figured the extra $5 was for the weapon case. :P

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    I know I've hashed this out at JBL, but I may as well do it here too.

    First, on the "pile of garbage", I get that from pretty much any over $10 Transformer toy too. Packaging is for advertising, and once the figure is sold, is pretty much just garbage, unless you are a MIB person.

    Now, the $5 in no way shape or form can be attributed to just the weapon case. First, keep in mind that the cases are all (with 1 or 2 exceptions) made from the same standard mold, and ordered in much greater bulk than other accessories, since they come with every figure, in the same color. That economy of scale will dramatically reduce the price of cases. I'd be suprised if it even adds $1 to the cost of the figure.

    To understand the true value of a Commando, you need to do a reasonable comparison with a Soldier figure, particularly one that has similar accessories.

    For example:

    Night Ops SE vs Artic SE
    Sword vs Sword - draw
    plastic harness vs plastic vest - I'd say ASE costs a little more
    1 throwing star + 2 grendade vs 3 larger throwing stars - say this is a draw
    goggles vs hoodie - can't be sure, but I'll toss it to NOSE
    missile firing gun vs missile firing snowboard - slight edge to ASE
    grappling hook vs Timber - ASE for the win

    So basically the extra $5 for ASE is for Timber, which I think is a decent value.

    Overall I think you'll be hard pressed to find any soldier figure that has accessories which come close to a commando's in total cost, meaning you have to factor in size, complexity, paint apps and materials. Yes, Firefly v1 comes with more stuff than Heavy Duty v1, but it's almost all small, cheap stuff.
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    I was just being a smart alec about the $5 weapon cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonneilon
    I was just being a smart alec about the $5 weapon cases.
    Yeah, I suspected you were, but the sentiment was expressed elsewhere in the thread, and I know of at least one soft-drink imbibing lightsaber weilder on JBL who thinks there's no difference between Soldier and Commando accessories.


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