need 2 filecards Rumbler & spec mission brazil dialtone

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    need 2 filecards Rumbler & spec mission brazil dialtone

    basically the only 2 cards i need to complete my collection


    also have lots to trade

    i have a bilingual rumbler card if someone is interested in it, i need the US card

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    I have a rough cut Rumbler.

    Here's the picture:

    If your interested, let me know and shoot me a trade list. I'm only interested in really hard to find stuff to complete my own collection, or maybe army builders.

    Keep in touch,
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    hey tanner i kind of want to get one with a nice cut. i dont really have anything worthwhile from your want list either except possibly a zarana filecard which i wouldnt call hard to find

    i did have a skymate card but never got a reply from you on your other post so i sold it not long ago

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    will buy complete figures to get the cards if i have to...

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    sweet i think i just stumbled onto a brazil dial tone card somebody had listed as the regular v1 card. ill have to wait til it arrives to make sure though

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    will wait a bit longer before updating
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    got both of these cards on the way to me now!

    only 1 more item on my want list i need to complete my collection!

    anyone got a serpentor cape with untorn arm holes?


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