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    Me, personally, I like what you did with it. The stripes make it look super cool, and ready to tear stuff up. The pictures are kinda fuzzy though. But you did a good job on the striker man, I'm just starting myself with customs....

    - Jd.

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    a while back I picked up several spytroops figs on ebay. Some of their proprtions looked seriously out of whack. In particular Flint's long legs and tiny torso (looked like Kermit the frog) and Dart's swollen upper body and short legs, However, a quick swap and some paint and I have:

    Lt Falcon (unfinished) and Thunderchief:
    IRON GRENADIERS wanted: figures, accessories, vehicles, parts, filecards, blueprints.

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    man that lt. falcon looks dead on good job man.
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    these look great, the flint looks real good with darts legs, and i always liked dart but he looks great here as well with the flints legs painted.

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    DTC Skull Buster

    Here's a new Skull Buster to go with the DTC Range Vipers:

    A really quick custom, but I'm pleased with the result!
    IRON GRENADIERS wanted: figures, accessories, vehicles, parts, filecards, blueprints.

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    Flight deck crew

    Does anyone have any customs of a flight deck crew (like from an aircraft carrier) I saw a pic posted in here but I couldnt see which helmet he used or jacket torso. See Page 7 of this Thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gijoe071681
    i'm new to customs and this is my first try i'm not too happy with it but i figure if i put it up here maybe i can get some constructive critisism . here goes nuttin:
    For you first Tiger Force Custom it looks very good. My very first Tiger Force custom wasnt a work of art. Plus the Awe Striker is hard to stripes on anyways because theres not much vehicle body to paint them on.

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    what was your first tigerforce custom? if you don't mind me asking
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    Quote Originally Posted by gijoe071681
    what was your first tigerforce custom? if you don't mind me asking
    There were a bunch of junked vehicles I tried painting first. I dont think I ever took pics of them and there were also a few broken 83 Headquarter pieces I painted on as well to try and perfect my Technique. My first Tiger Force Custom that I actually fiished was a Tiger Force Whale, which I eventually sold to someone. I did however go back a couple months later and make myself a new one which I still have in my collection to this day. Here are pics of the 2nd Whale I did:

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    thats an awesome whale hopefully with some practice i can get mine to look like that. you did a tiger mirage too right? did you do anything special with that mold as it was smaller and did not much have very much body space?
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