WANTED:Gijoe MB 1985 Action Cards Only 15 left


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    WANTED:Gijoe MB 1985 Action Cards Only 15 left

    I am looking for the following cards will trade or buy.Check out my Trade list in the for Trade section. Also i do have 4 extra MB cards i could trade as well. See below my wants for list...Please lmk if you can help.. Thanx

    Gijoe Action cards by Milton Bradley WANTED!!





    Crimson Guard
    Quick Kick

    Extra Cards i have to trade:

    109 DESTRO
    188 Glacier Landing
    190 A Glacier Ride
    191 Cruel and Cool
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    I just made a big dent in my set still need quite a few lmk if you can help..


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    Made another Major dent. 30 left to go.. Thanx again Dragonfire your the BEST!!

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    hey lee email me your address again

    i have number 180 for you and its free!

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    YaaaaHOOO!!! only 29 more to go..Thanx BIGFAN!!!!!

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    number 105 found as well

    1.25 for this one

    thx ill just add it to your mailer with the other one

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    only 15 left to go...Please help!!!!

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    still need bump bump



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