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Thread: cool dio link

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    cool dio link

    I was searching around and happened upon this really cool dio link. I thought the guy that did this did a great job with camera angles etc. He has some talent and the story was not too bad. The whole clone plot thing is kind of obvious but other than that the figures and shots are really cool and I enjoyed this a bit.
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    Fantastic Sight!!!!

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    Man, that's excellent. I'm going to have to pass this on.

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    Wow, that is insanely wicked work!

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    That guy is good! I kept saying, what can he do next! Great shots!

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    love the detail

    Good Dio story .. I loved the little details that made this dio ggreat. I love the picture of scarlet in the frame in the hideout.
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    I thought it was cool because I actually forgot I was reading about toys and was immerssed in a pseudo comic world only better because I was thinking, oh man I want that figure now...what a cool idea that is....storm shadow hood on the ninja

    I also liked the beheadings of the guards that was cool as well. I think Hawk is a coffee addict or the jumbo starbucks mug on his desk was a nice touch....

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    there are great pix & diostories in there by very very excellent
    creators, and they share secrets as well as behind the scenes
    looks as well as to how they created such masterpieces

    Leonardo T Dragon is one of the usual posters on that site
    as well as Violentfix & Justin from
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