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    Shawn D.

    My wants: Figures/parts and Blueprints/filecards

    For trade/sale: Parts/accs and Figures

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    I'm pretty new in here, but I AM selling on ebay at the moment although not in a store.

    LabRat = LabRat005

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    Yojoe: Godzilla
    Ebay: Tsoumiester

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    Updated to hear total is 67

    Check out my YouTube channel = zartan

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    I sell on ebay from time to time,Still kinda new at it.I buy more than sell ,but unfortunately my wife made the account and gave it a chick name

    ebay id Sunny*Gal (lol) no store name
    Always Buying collections just pm me

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    Wink ebay ID.

    Redviper = ebay ID = Vandammerocks!

    if you remember aly.joepena on ebay.....that was me before.
    Jose Isaiah Peña

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    You'll see me there at times...

    MacGyver: His mind is the ultimate weapon...

    and...knowing is half the battle!

    *It's all fun and game till someone loses an eternity!*

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    Updated now to 70 count........
    Check out my YouTube channel = zartan

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    If I have missed anyone let me know. I sometimes don't get a chance to come to this site often latly becouse of work and other stuff, so if you want to email me thats fine as we[email protected]

    Check out my YouTube channel = zartan

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    I buy more than I sell. I guess you could say I buy more than I should, too. I'll sell for one month then buy slowly over the next three or four or so. Then I might get in the mood to sell something or a group of some things. GI Joe is always the first thing I look up.

    Eojam = Eojam = no store


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