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    I recently changed my Ebay id from type*s*toys to >>

    check out the largest selection of vintage Joes available on the web

    (figures, accessories, filecards, , AFA, trading cards and more)

    Free shipping, International customers welcome
    Pay via paypal, credit cards, check or money order !

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    RangerJoe = minnaseraphina
    Actually my wife's account, but am slowly selling my collection on in. Feel free to contact me with questions about my collection. Have not got it online yet any where.

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    add me to the list please!

    Vortex - amscra

    thanks for looking! I don't have a store, just put stuff up once in a while!

    Oh, I forgot, I am on Ebay & for those Canadians out there!

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    I Sell On Ebay

    My Ebay Store Is Destro's Citadel

    My Yo Joe Name Is Shipwreck"n"polly

    My Real Name Is Andrea

    Primary Millitary Specialty -artillary

    Secondary Millitary Specialty- Cake Maker

    Code Name-barnicle


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    My Ebay store is in my sig.

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    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    I'm quintonarledge on here E-Bay, Joe Sightings, Hisstank, Cobra Island, Joe Dios, JBL and everywhere else

    I'll sell stuff every once in a while but mainly just buy.

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    I'v updated the list. 10/20/07

    Check out my YouTube channel = zartan

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    Urban Saboteur.

    K, Just realised I am not on the list as my current status. You'll need to delete Nemesis Enforcer Fan=JUMPINJAZZYGENIUS2006

    My new ID Should be as follows
    Urban Saboteur=Superiorraw

    I sometimes.... can be awesome?


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