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    I sell on ebay as joes_for_less
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    I sell on Ebay. I'm also "drummer1279" on Ebay. Simple enough, right? Now check out my auctions! LOL.
    “Occasionally, we have common sense. Occasionally we say, LOOK, THERE IT IS.....and then it’s gone!” - Lewis Black

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    my ebay id is also captainamerica

    my store:

    Lots O' toys, check it out!!
    IRON GRENADIERS wanted: figures, accessories, vehicles, parts, filecards, blueprints.

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    I sell from time to time on ebay as ebay user ID: theeahole

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    Can't believe I never did this - my ebay store:
    Please check out my new store:

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    I sell 1 or twice a year but here is mine anyway.

    3idmp = 3idmp

    When I sell I post alot of auctions, then you won't see me sell for 4 months or so.

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    Updated to this point 2/9/08

    Check out my YouTube channel = zartan

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    I sell under my wife's ebay listing of wtwtwtwt.
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    tintin3726 = tintin-3726
    live in the uk but post anywhere within reason and providing international bidders know and accept that after a parcel hits 2kg in weight shipping gets very expensive


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