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    Curchs vintage toy paradise

    Vehicle/Playset/Parts/Box/Blueprints Want List:

    Figure/Parts/File Card Want List:

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    Updated to 113
    Check out my YouTube channel = zartan

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    Updated is miss counted 212

    I have been watching and we have 45 that does put on auctions and 67 that does not. I will keep watching and hope the others do put on but if not I will have to adjust the list, I hope this does not make people upset at me. I will give a little more time.
    Check out my YouTube channel = zartan

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    May 2013
    South Texas, In a Secret Volcano Lair
    I mostly buy on ebay, but have done sales and plan to do more in future, ebay name Sleepwalker1313

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    My eBay name is Darin5857. I sell quite a lot of Joe items

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    I think I posted here a few years ago, but I've slightly changed my ebay user name and now have a store up and running as of yesterday! In the process of selling my entire vintage collection, so posting a few dozen new items daily:

    ebay user - codenameransac

    link to store - codenameransac on eBay

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    Feb 2011
    My collection "vault". Illinois, USA
    YoJoe ID is: NotCool
    eBay ID is: michael.collura (which is also my real name and former YoJoe ID)

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    Mines under havoc879 few vehicles up now huge lot up by the end of the week

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    My wife and I canceled our store subscription, but our user ID is tiffnjess. So DePoy = tiffnjess.

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    I am selling my most treasured GIJoe collection on ebay right now.

    Jetski333 is my ID.

    Please check it out. I have 100% feedback. Thanks.

    Wanted : 25th anniv AWE STRIKER MIB w/ Crankcase


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