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    I cant wait to see what Overlord and the Coil Troopers are gonna look like.

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    Convention set

    I dunno guys, so far I'm really syked about the set. The Skull Squadron looks interesting. Major Bludd is fine with me although had they given him the metallic arm I'd really love him. I too am looking forward to the Coils, the Overlord, and the Mystery figure.
    The finished Nullifier also looks awesome. To top it all off I really kinda like the 12 inch convention set too. Well I'll be broke this June. Guess I'll put in a couple extra nights at the garage.
    I hope the rest of the con souvenirs are just as good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gnawgahyde
    I dunno guys, so far I'm really syked about the set. The Skull Squadron looks interesting. Major Bludd is fine with me although had they given him the metallic arm I'd really love him.
    I agree. The armor or shield on the original Bludd could have been brought back, & maybe updated. How about metalizing (chroming - but on plastic instead of metals) that whole arm? He would have needed a different arm than the one he has, but not the original, either, something with full articulation...
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    MC has posted the Coil Trooper on their page.

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    Not too impressed with the Coil Trooper:


    Color selection could've been improved quite a lot. So far the only figure I like is the Skull Squad Trooper. But I probably won't army build any. Oh well, I am too picky.

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    The coil trooper looks like he has a brand new head sculpt. I've never seen that one before. Other than that, I suppose you could use his body for a create-your-own COBRA mail-away. Overall, the Frag Viper's been the only one looking good.
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    I actually like the Coil Trooper. I'm a sucker for the TARGAT/Street Hawk/Create-a-Cobra body. The Decimator head lives!

    Why'd they have to make something I'll want?
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    I don't like being negative

    But This set isn't looking as good as I hoped. I really liked the last few sets they have come out with. I already paid for it, and I am starting to doubt my decision. I am such a dork though I will probably be siked just because I will be at the con for the first time, not to mention this will be the first convention item I will have.

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    Lack of molds must be showing, none of the three figures shown have been anything outstanding. I'm actually more impressed with the Flaming Moth duo, which I breifly considered getting before I realized you have to join the club, too.

    Decimator head?

    Hasbro is sitting on some decent molds, too bad their sole venue for releasing RAH is comic packs. No decimators in Marvel. No Targats, either. I'd hoped with DTC they make some kick-butt RAH 6-packs, instead they went new sculpt (after Night Watch), which are okay, but don't *wow* me.

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    Man... The negativity never goes away... This Coil trooper looks freaking cool. It's a WORMS head, btw. Can't wait to see what they did with Overlord...


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