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    well I know I am going to get blasted for this but I like him, at least more than mercer. I guess I am just easy to please though. As long as its not neon I am happy.

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    Wow...the renegades look like some of the CORPS! figures I have laying around.

    Yowza. Have fun in nawlins y'all.

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    They are still a heckuva lot better than the originals, though!
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    I like em. I think they look 10 times better than the originals and I cant wait to get them. Taurus does look like he could use a bit more of a neck but you cant complain all that much.
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    Taurus looks very cool to me; however, I wantd a sword that was more characteristic of him.

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    i think the renegades are the best of the con set new colour and new style

    overlord to me is in the wrong colour and the coil is way of i do purfur
    the ddp style for them in colour and stlye


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