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    They added pictures of Major Bludd and file cards for him and the Skull Squad Trooper.


    Not a great looking Bludd, neck looks too long. Not a terrible figure, but I'm still waiting for a great Bludd. So far 2000/2001 version is still best, though I like V1's "look" best of all.

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    Bludd: Yet another one I'll pass on
    0-2 so far (my decision on the Slaughter fig pending until I see pics)
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    I've stayed out of all con talked...mostly because it doesn't really pertain to me for a few reasons, most notably
    1.) I don't have the money to go to NO
    2.) I find 99.9% of Hasbro's recent items to be lackluster and my primary focus is 82-94 items...

    with that said, I am a HUGE Sgt. Slaughter fan, I have all of his figures from every toy line, including his recent ones from Jakks Pacific. I've been a wrestling fan probably as long as a Joe fan so he is awesome to me on so many levels, and his appearance at the con really desperately makes me want to attend. Since I can't though, I am wondering on average how much does 1 con figure cost. Also what date/time will the Sarge be at the con, and finally...if I were to send someone some cash anyway I could get you to have him sign something for me (not the con figure, but I want that too).

    Also this was likely already brought up, but how many of you have seen this video (3rd one down) the con Sarge is mentioned in it:


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    I think it looks good. Whose torso is that?
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    I'm glad i'm not spending a dime on any of these con figures, other than Frag Viper. The only convention set that seemed to be worthwhile for all(not just some) of the COBRAs is the Crimson convention set.
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    Good Gravy... Why do folks have to be so negative & picky? Yeah, the sets cost $$$... But there's been plenty of cool stuff over the years, like General Mayhem, the Dreadheads, the Black Dragon Troopers, the Iron Mech, Demolisher & Crusher... First it's "hate the new sculpts", then when new & unique ideas are presented in "old-school sculpts" in these con-sets, it's "these aren't worth a dime"! What exactly do people want or expect? I don't get it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGC
    I think it looks good. Whose torso is that?
    I like it too!!
    I believe its Mercer v2s maybe?
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    The whole body for Major Bludd is Long Range v1
    If those are the same arms, it looks like they have been reversed. The rolled-up sleeve is on the left arm instead of the right (like on Long Range)

    A little detailed paint job changes the looks of anything

    Should have used his Long Range's head for Gen. Mayhem last year (the used his helmet after all)
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    i LIke The Major. This looks to be a great set so far. I'm going to register tonight.
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    Pics of MC Membership fig!~

    MC just posted pics of this years membership fig, Nullifier!


    He sure looks better than the stand in model they had before the deadline cutoff.
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