2006 GI Joe Convention discussion part 3


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    Exclamation 2006 GI Joe Convention discussion part 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by toy-nutz
    Well the new newsletter is up! And the set for this year is great!! Cobra Mercenarys!!! Major Bludd and the Skull Squad vs Overlord and the Coil and a myster opponent from South America!!! Cannot wait!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrapiron-Scavanger
    Here is a clip from MC:
    Master Collector Wrote:
    The Cobra organization enjoys taking credit for their devious activities; however, even Cobra Commander sometimes needs to accomplish his plans in secrecy and let others do his dirty work. Cobra Commander has deemed it time to strike deep into the heart of the Joe team and eliminate one of it’s most beloved leaders. To ensure he has the best mercenaries for this job, he has turned this contract into a twisted competition by paying only the team or individual who fulfills the objective -remove the specified Joe leader permanently. Answering Cobra Commander’s call are two teams and one individual who will vie for the prize payout. The first team is Major Bludd and his Skull Squad known for their unorthodox tactics in getting the job done. The second team is Overlord and his Coil Troopers who wield deadly force, crushing every adversary while leaving no witnesses behind. And the individual. . .a mysterious loner from South America. What a wrestling match it will be as these three groups use their unique talents to strike deep into the heart of the Joe team.
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    It's widely believed that Overlord's mold was lost in South America, so unless Master Collector recreated it (very expensive) or just the head (like with last year's IG), then Overlord will be different.

    And another all-Cobra/enemy set. The Joes play second fiddle at their Convention again. I supposed the lure of army builders is necessary.

    The Loner is De Aco or Cobra Mortal or Sei Tinn or Ninja-Ku. More likey De Aco. Could be a new character based on any of them though.

    "Skull Squad" seems uncreative. No play on Bludd's name? Bludd Brothers? Bludd Drinkers? Bludd Hounds (steal from a customizer)? Seems given they'll have Range Viper heads, but maybe not. Perhaps a possible recreation of the Headhunter Stormtrooper head or something else.

    Coil troopers, nice for people who like that concept, but somehow I think those people wanted the option to build a big Coil force, and the price of the con set makes that prohibitive.

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    re: Con Sets

    I'm looking forwards to seeing what they develop for this set. Being a 12" collector, I'll probably snag one of each.

    IIRC you do have the option to choose a previous year's set in place of the current one, but you need to call the Joe Club to get specifics.

    I wish that they'd release a multipack of army builders as well. But I can see that not doing so allows them to sell through a lot more sets, especially to those that break them down and sell off the parts.


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    I think the set sounds great. It's about time Bludd got a team to report directly to him. I also think that the Coils appearance will go over very well. For the South American fig, based on the description given compared to their old filecards, De Aco is where I'd put my money.

    I can't wait to see what kind of vehicles will be showing up at this years con. If I remember right, they were heavily leaning toward the Condor last year. Depending on how far down that path they went, maybe they'll find a way to work it in this year. Any other guesses on vehicles?
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    What does De Aco mean in english ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zartan74
    What does De Aco mean in english ?

    was it steel? so cobra de aco would be steel cobra?

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    The set sounds like a winner to me. Yes, the Joes are playing second fiddle again. But I think recent history shows the army-builder sets sell and it is what a lot of people want. Army-building Joe characters like Greenshirts did not go off very well with the community. Not bad, just not well. But people went crazy over Destro's IGs and IV's and the Crimson Strike Team. Dreadnok set was not as popular. MC has a pretty good formula with what they have been using. They still managed to get some good Joe characters in each set so I am confident they will do well with this one too.

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    Sorry guys, didn't mean to stray away from the main thread. I wanted to know everyone's guesses for the South American figure. I don't know much about foreign Joes and put my naive guess on de Aco. I think that's what most are saying. In any event I'm pretty pumped. I agree with Skull Squad being poor. For some reason "Bludd Hounds" (Bravo's post above) sounds much better. It's got an odd catchiness to it. Overlord's body is lost in SA? I wonder whose he will use ? Oh well, I can't wait to see pics.

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    cobra de aco is portuguese for : cobra of steel! ... there are lots of figs from south america we could get. I for one hope for a white mortal!!!
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    Well I know I am buying a set weather I decide to go to the con or not. It would be cool to have the Condor as the vehical. I hope the Condor is black and brown in color just like Bludd V1.

    I wonder what the sub sets will be? Last year it was Steel Brigade 3 pack. The year before zartan changing to Hawk. Whatever it is I will love it and buy it.

    Steel Cobra Sounds kinda cool.........Like Superman........

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