Looks like a new scale is coming for GI Joe....


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    Looks like a new scale is coming for GI Joe....

    I saw this at rocuniverse and there is a link to big bad toystore for a line of 2.5" line of Joes. Think Star Wars "unleashed". Could be interesting...

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    I think there will be a lot of new stuff at Toy Fair that is going to shock some people.
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    i would have preferred the original line to be 2.5", would save on alot of room

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    Aaaand that answers the question "how is that 8" scale working". I'm very interested in the small scale vehicles....

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    This could be my road to bankruptcy...sigh, Oh well...I will go merrily if these look as cool as they sound!
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    They are non poseable like mini unleashed.

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    More stuff not to buy. Thank goodness.

    Hasbro has my interests in heart. Good show!

    Some one at another forum with a "source" doesn't know a thing about this. So much for inside info!
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    While the figures don't sound that exciting to me (if they're really like the new Unleashed figs anyway), small scale vehicles would be awesome! I was always annoyed the the Micro Machines line weren't really Joe vehicles.

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    I see it as hasbro not knowing the customer base. I have a bad feeling about these sets.

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    Are these for an RPG or something? :|
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