Can Arm rivets be replaced?

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    Can Arm rivets be replaced?

    Hi everyone!
    Long time no new post. So here's my question. I know a lot of you are die-hard customizers. So yesterday while replacing a broken arm on my 82 Stalker I thought of you all.
    Is it posible to only change the upper or lower part of a 3 3/4 arm by removing and replacing the pop rivet?
    If yes what do you all use to do this and how do you replace the rivet when you need to?
    I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this because sometimes changing a whole arm can be a bother because they're not always easy to come by in one piece.
    Thanks everyone,
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    While I have not done this myself, I did know of a collector that figured out how to do this.

    The trick is finding replacement rivets, because you will need to drill out the old one. Apparently this collector found a source of rivets that fit the Joe arms.

    However, I have not heard from this collector in some time, and I'm not sure if he's still active. You might want to ask around the joecustoms board.
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    They are tubular aluminum pan-head (flat or round would work) rivets with a 1/16" diameter shaft, 1/4" grip and 1/8" heads. Good luck finding them in that size, though.
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    I think John Missal (sp?)/Project95 had figured out what was needed, but disappeared before he fully revealed what he had learned. He had been talking about 3/32 sized semi-tubular rivets.
    To get the rivet out, a pin-vice (modellers drill) will do the job, you just have to be patient. A dremel with a small drill bit would probably do the job too. MicroMark has 'em. You'd need rivet pliers to set the rivet. Rivet manufacturers would supply those.
    There has been some discussion on the Yahoo Group Micropolis Embassy about replacement rivets. The older micromen/micronauts were similar to ARAH joe construction. One of the members there will be posting a guide in the not-too distant future (I hope). Even if the microman/micronaut rivets are not the same size, the principles would be. The good news for us is that he will explain how he got the measurements (he may have explained it in a thread, but I haven't seen it yet). So maybe someone can figure out how to translate that to Joes.
    The microman guys were also talking about 3/32 sized rivets, but rivets have different widths and lengths, so it gets really confusing. Add Truss head, Oval, Flat, recessed, and its hard to get a straight answer about what exactly is needed (probably oval or truss). They did mention that it was $25 for 750 rivets, then you have to get the pliers and die sets to match your rivets. They mentioned Jay-Cee and USATCO as Rivet manufacturers.

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    Does anybody have any new information ( technique, supplier, link or a web address) to find rivets for ARAH type G.I.JOE figures ? this would be so incredibly cool to learn about !!

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    All the info I have on these has already been mentioned here. One thing to consider is if you can find a place that carries similar rivets, it might be easiest just to take apart a broken arm to recover an intact rivet and mail that rivet to the place so they can match it up to the right one at the rivet company. This would eliminate the guess work from trying to measure it and figure out what type of head it has.
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    Replacing rivet that is project I am facing right now. Dose anyone know what size rivet do you need?
    where can get replacement rivets? I know I need to drill out the old rivet. What tool can I used to put the new rivet in?
    Can any anyone.


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