Zartan needs medical attention.

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    Zartan needs medical attention.

    Not to anthropromophize an action figure (but I don't believe I'm the only one that does) my V.1 Zartan is in need of first aid ... or rather one heck of a surgeon.

    My Zartan is in need of a new O-ring. Not a big deal. Except when I removed the screw from his back and applied significant pressure to the seams of his torsor he refused to open up. ... The use of my rib spreaders (in this case a small screwdriver) failed.

    Therefore, I continue to need a new O-ring in Zartan. This is actually more preventative medicine as the O-ring has not snapped, but is just incredibly loose and not long for this world.

    Has anyone else run into uncooperative Zartans? or other patients for that matter? And more importantly, do you know how I can fix him?

    and if so, is there a way to get him open, or am I doomed to need to find a C.9 Zartan without any parts???

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    Check this thread (Sorta similar problem, but with some solutions!)
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