check out my Alley Viper custom (a simple repaint)

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    check out my Alley Viper custom (a simple repaint)

    i think this guy looks SWEET!

    hasbro should have used these colors to begin with

    just took a V5 alley viper and painted all the blue flat black

    alley viper 1

    alley viper 2

    alley viper 3

    let me know what you guys think

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    i like it! way more mean looking!

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    Thumbs up

    very nice!! a LOT more menacing...
    Sure wish the Urban Assault version was this color scheme instead
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    Wow! That rocks! I personally like the blue scheme but this looks so much better. Good job.

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    I agree. A definate improvement. Nice work.
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    I like the blue Alley Vipers but this one is just as good. Nice!
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    Me likey

    Much better.
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    neato cool repaint
    what happen to the american dream it came true your lookin at it

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    A job well done.

    *Thumbs Up* from the Mutant too!

    A good repaint, I'd like to see this camo/colour scheme applied to version 1.
    Well done Mike!
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    thanks guys. if i ever have time to get to it i have an army of about 30 of these guys now that need finished painting and i have a cobra rage im gonna paint to match

    i might have to find me an extra v1 to try this paint scheme on.


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