Gi Joe Boxes (vehicle, Statue, & Minibust), Instructions, & Decal Sheets Trade List

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    Post Gi Joe Boxes (vehicle, Statue, & Minibust), Instructions, & Decal Sheets Trade List

    All items below are for trade only. Please refer to my Wantlist in the Wanted Forum. If you have any questions about an individual item or items from my lists, please ask, as I will be happy to answer all questions. Also, please check back from time to time, as I will be updating often.


    Instructions Sheets
    GI Joe 1992 Headquarters
    Cobra Battle Copter (Heli-Viper)
    Dino Hunter
    Eco Striker
    Cobra Septic Tank
    Cobra Toxo Lab
    Dragonfly XH-1
    Polar Battle Bear
    Cobra Maggot X2
    WHALE Hovercraft
    Cobra Moray Hydrofoil
    BF2000 Sky Sweeper
    Overlord’s Dictator X2
    Cobra Rage
    Cobra Adder
    Cobra Stellar Stiletto
    Desert Fox
    Cobra Wolf
    Cobra Night Raven X2
    Python Stun
    Machinegun Pac/rat
    Missile Launcher Pac/rat
    Cobra Battle Copter (Interrogator) X2
    Serpentor’s Air Chariot
    FANG 2
    Iron Grenadiers AGP
    Cobra HISS X2
    Cobra Piranha
    Darklon’s Evader
    Arctic Blast
    Cobra Imp
    Mobile Command Center v2
    Cobra Rattler 4-WD
    2000 AWE Striker
    1998 Conquest X-30
    1998 MOBAT
    2002 Rattler
    Sand Razor
    Cobra HISS 4
    2001 GI Joe Headquarters
    1997 Cobra Rage (instructions & decal placement sheet)
    Night Rhino
    1997 Slugger
    A-10 Thunderbolt
    Night Attack Chopper X2
    Smoke Screen Transport
    2002 Snowcat
    Sky Sweeper Jet
    Missile Storm Copter
    Cobra FANG 3
    Assault Quad
    Desert Striker
    Wave Crusher
    Cobra CAT 2 X3
    Battle Blitz X2
    Wave Charger
    Road Rebel Tank
    Cobra Venom Cycle X2
    Locust XH-1
    HISS 3
    2001 Destro’s Dominator
    Cobra Mantis Submarine
    Desert Coyote
    Polar Blast X3
    Cobra Tread Fire X2
    Tiger Storm Copter X3
    2002 Conquest X-30
    Cobra Ringneck
    Split Fire
    Patriot Grizzly Tank
    Crimson Command Copter
    2003 AWE Striker
    Venom Striker
    2003 GI Joe Piranha
    BAT APC Transport X3
    Conquest of Cobra Mountain Playset
    GI Joe Defense Mech
    Cobra Pulverizer Mech
    Cobra Night Adder
    Gun Station
    Cobra Battle Hornet
    Sgt. Savage IRON Panther

    BAT v4
    Razor Trooper & Neurotoxin
    Swamp Rat
    Red Spot
    Night Creeper
    Iron Grenadier & Lady Jaye
    Wide Scope & Cobra BAT v 3.2
    Duke (action-attack)
    Sand Scorpion X3
    Hi Tech
    Storm Shadow
    Sgt. Airborne & Tele-Viper X4
    Heavy Duty & Heavy Water
    Switch Gears & Cobra Commander
    Gung Ho & Zarana
    Agent Faces & Zartan
    Firefly 2-pack convention exclusive instructions & accessory list

    Cobra Commander
    Gung-Ho (NF)
    Cross Hair
    Cobra B.A.T. v3.2 & Cobra B.A.T. v4
    Snake Eyes Ninja Lightning Cycle
    Night Creeper (w/ drone)
    Cobra B.A.T.
    Electric E.E.L.
    Cobra Slice
    Sting Raider
    Tigerhawk repaint
    VAMP w/ Twin Battle Gun
    Thunderwing Jet
    Night Force Grizzly Tank
    Convention Cobra STUN
    Convention Dreadnok Tri-Cycle
    Covention Cobra MORAY Hydrofoil

    Misc. Spy Troops Ghillie Suit instructions X7
    Misc. GI Joe Arm Communicator Gauntlet Instructions
    Misc. GI Joe Tent Assembly instructions (Ambush’s accessories, but from 2000)

    Decal Sheets
    Cobra Maggot
    Flamethrower Pac/rat
    Machinegun Pac/rat
    Missile Launcher Pac/rat

    Vehicle, Minibust, & Statue Boxes
    Crimson Guard Mini Statue
    Snake Eyes Mini Statue, Minibust
    Zartan Mini Statue
    General Tomahawk Statue
    Firefly Minibust
    Flint Minibust
    Destro Minibust
    Roadblock Minibust
    Scarlett Minibust
    Cobra Commander Statue, Minibust
    Baroness Minibust
    Storm Shadow Minibust
    Serpentor Minibust
    Wave Crusher
    2001 Destro's Dominator (missing filecard)
    Desert Striker
    2000 Locust
    Triple T (missing filecard)
    2001 Headquarters
    Sand Razor (missing filecard)
    Cobra HISS 4 (missing filecard)
    2002 Cobra Rattler (missing filecard)
    Night Attack Chopper
    Cobra Maggot (missing filecard)
    HISS 3
    Brawler (missing filecard)
    Night Rhino
    Cobra Mantis Sub (missing filecard)
    Rock Slide (missing filecard)
    2000 AWE Striker
    NLC (Night Landing Craft)
    BJ's Exclusive 8-figure bix (missing filecards, but comes with the sealed comic)
    Cobra BAT APC Transport X2
    Cobra CAT 3 X3 (1 missing file-card)
    Hoverstrike (missing file-card)
    2003 AWE Striker
    Patriot Grizzly Tank
    Splitfire (missing file-card)
    Ringneck (missing file-card)
    Crimson Command Copter (missing file-cards)
    Night Attack Chopper
    Conquest of Cobra Mountain (missing file-card)
    2002 Conquest X-30 (missing file-card)
    2002 Snowcat (missing file-card)
    Smoke Screen Transport
    Sky Sweeper Jet
    Mobile Command Center v2

    Also have many other items including:

    GI Joe figures, figure parts, weapons & accessories, filecards & cardbacks, comic books, etc. – check For Trade forum for lists
    GI Joe vehicle parts (too many to list) – send me a list
    GI Joe puzzles
    12” HOF figures & accessories
    Ultimate Soldier 12” & 3 ¾” figures, accessories & vehicles
    Elite Force 3 ¾” figures, accessories & vehicles
    Star Wars POTF dolls
    Star Wars PEZ dispensers
    Sgt Savage figures, accessories & vehicles
    Command & Conquer Toys
    Matchbox Ring Raiders
    Misc. Comic Books & Toy Boxes – check Off Topic forum for list
    Hasbro Battle Beasts - check Off Topic forum for list
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