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    Short-Fuse's For Sale List

    Here are some things I have up for sale. I will trade, but for only things on my want list:
    I will take pics of anything anyone is interested in. Thanks for taking the time to look over the list.

    FIGURES -no accessories unless noted. Some of their accessories may be found in the accessories list.

    82’ Flash
    82’ Breaker
    82’ Rock N Roll
    82’ Rock N Roll
    82’ Grand Slam
    82’/83’ Zap- complete w/filecard
    83’ Torpedo
    83’ Wild Bill (elbow crack)
    84’ Firefly- w/backpack and filecard
    84’ Spirit
    84’ Thunder- w/helmet, visor, and headset
    84’ Hooded Cobra Commander
    85’ Alpine
    85’ Flint (elbow crack)
    86’ Lift-Ticket
    88’ Storm Shadow
    88’ Iron Grenadiers
    89’ SM Spirit
    89’ Night Viper (elbow crack and one broken peg on head)- w/ gun, BP, and visor
    92’ Storm Shadow (Ninja Force)
    92’ General Flagg- w/hat
    93’ Ken Master “Street Fighter” (red)
    93’ Roadblock v6 (Star Brigade)- w/ helmet and visor
    00’ Big Ben
    00’ Whiteout
    00’ Major Bludd
    00’ Wild Bill- w/hat
    02’ Wild Weasel
    03’ Cobra Commander v15 (black)- complete
    04’ Snake Eyes v20
    05’ Firefly v11 (Crimson Guard Force)


    00’ Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow
    02’ Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow
    02’ Nunchuck/Firefly
    03’ Beachhead/ Sand Viper
    04’ comic pack #1
    04’ comic pack #2
    04’ comic pack #3
    04’ comic pack #4
    04’ comic pack #5
    05’ comic pack #8
    05’ comic pack #21
    05’ comic pack #24
    05’ comic pack #49
    05’ Cobra Night Watch


    Original Accessories:

    82’ Rock N Roll- machine gun (no bipods) 2x
    82’ Short-Fuze- mortar (thin, open handle version)
    82’ Stalker- sub-machine gun
    82’ Zap- bazooka (stress mark on handle)
    82’ Breaker- headset
    82’ Flash- BP 3x
    82’ Breaker- BP
    82’ Zap- BP 2x
    82’ Grunt- BP
    82’ Short-Fuze- BP
    83’ Tripwire- BP (no mines)
    83’ Major Bludd- BP
    83’ Torpedo- BP
    83’ Snow Job- skis (chewed tips)
    83’ Snow Job- ski poles
    83’ Torpedo- flipper 2x
    84’ Spirit- belt
    84’ Zartan- mask 2x
    84’ Zartan- chest plate 2x
    84’ Spirit- arrow rifle
    84’ Spirit- eagle (no feet) 3x
    84’ Scrap Iron- missile system (no remote) 2x
    84’ Scrap Iron- missile 2x
    84’ Recondo- BP
    84’ Spirit- BP
    84’ Zartan- BP 2x
    85’ Alpine- pick
    85’ Alpine- grappling hook rifle 2x
    85’ Alpine- BP
    85’ Footloose- BP
    85’ Ripper- BP
    85’ Airtight- BP 3x
    86’ Lifeline- pistol
    86’ Lifeline- medical cases 4x
    86’ Lifeline- BP 4x
    86’ Sci-Fi- BP
    87’ Crazylegs- parachutes 2x
    87’ Crazylegs- rifle (no stock)
    87’ Falcon- BP (no antenna) 2x
    87’ Nemesis Enforcer- wings 4x
    87’ Raptor- wings 2x
    87’ Raptor- falcon (no feet) 2x
    87’ Croc Master- alligators 3x
    87’ Law- helmet
    88’ Hit & Run (Target Exclusive)- complete parachute
    88’ Voltar- BP
    88’ Voltar- condor (no feet)
    89’ Alley Viper- visor
    89’ SM Spirit- belt
    89’ Stalker- rifle
    89’ TARGAT- jetpack
    89’ Dee-Jay- BP
    91’ Red Star- missile launcher 2x
    91’ Red Star- BP (no antenna)
    91’ Ozone- “vacuum” gun
    91’ Incinerators- BP
    92’ General Flagg- catapult
    92’ Wet Suit- missile launcher
    93’ Guile- missile
    93’ Snowstorm- pistol
    93’ Python (Brazil) - disk launcher and 2 disks
    97’ Destro- 2 black disks
    01’ Leatherneck- helmet
    01’ Leatherneck- gun
    01’ Gung-Ho- LARGE machine gun
    02’ Big Ben- pouches 4x
    02’ Big Ben- grenades 6x
    02’ Sideswipe- transport sled (bottom half only)
    04’ Baroness (comic pack #1)- glasses
    04’ Rollbar- helmet
    05’ Crimson Guard- helmets 10x
    05’ Infantry Forces (green shirts)-helmets 6x

    Broken Accessories (originals):

    82’ Rock N Roll- machine gun (broken tip)
    82’ Stalker- sub-machine gun (broken tip)
    82’ Scarlett- crossbow (broken string)
    82’ Flash- laser rifle (missing hose)
    84’ Roadblock- BP w/ammo box (broken peg for tripod)
    84’ Blowtorch- flamethrower (missing hose)
    85’ Snake Eyes- BP (broken tabs for sword)
    85’ Footloose- rifle (broken tip)
    86’ Monkeywrench- harpoon weapon ( harpoon painted silver)
    86’ Lifeline- O2 mask (no straps)
    87’ Dodger- photon rifle (broken tip)
    87’ Sneak Peek- binoculars (broken strap)
    88’ Shockwave- sub-machine gun (broken stock)
    89’ Night Viper- BP (broken antenna)
    89’ Python Viper- rifle (broken tip)
    90’ Night Creeper- BP (broken tabs for sword)
    90’ Range Viper- BP (broken “antenna”)

    Accessory Pack Weapons

    82’ style helmets (brown) 3x
    Footloose- helmet (brown) 3x
    Rock N Roll- machine gun (gray)
    Iceberg- machine gun (gray) 2x
    Crimson Guard- BP (blue) 2x
    Cobra- Dragonov sniper rifle (light blue)
    Cobra Officer- AK-47 (blue) 2x
    Cobra Officer- AK-47 (white)
    Grunt- rifle (gray)
    Stalker- sub-machine gun (gray)
    Beachhead- sub-machine gun (gray)
    Firefly- sub-machine gun (red)
    Firefly- sub-machine gun (white)
    Dr. Mindbender- pistol (gray)
    Snake Eyes- uzi (gray) 2x
    Scrap Iron- pistol (white) 2x
    Cobra Commander- Pistol (blue)
    Cobra Commander- Pistol (light blue)
    Baroness- rifle (white) 2x
    Lowlight- sniper rifle w/bipod (brown)
    Major Bludd- pistol (blue)
    Major Bludd- pistol ( light blue)
    Short-Fuze- mortar w/no stand (light gray)
    Zarana- cutting weapon (silver)
    Monkeywrench- harpoon gun (brown)
    Gung-Ho- grenade launcher (light gray)
    Snow Job- rifle (light gray) 2x
    Eels- spear gun (blue)
    Grunt- rifle (blue)
    Ripcord- rifle (green)
    Mainframe- computer (gray)
    Mainframe- backpack w/broken antenna (gray)
    Roadblock- backpack (light green)
    Lifeline- backpack (brown)
    Budo- backpack ( maroon)
    Crimson Guard- backpack (blue) 2x
    Major Bludd- backpack (red)
    Beachhead- backpack (yellow)
    Destro- backpack (blue)
    Lowlight- backpack (gray)
    Baroness- backpack (red)
    Eels- backpack (blue)
    Short-Fuze- backpack (tan) 2x
    Grunt- backpack (tan)
    Flash- backpack (tan)
    Tripwire- mine (brown) 3x
    Steeler- visor (gray)
    Firefly- walkie talkie (red)
    Firefly- walkie talkie (white)
    Eels- airmask (blue)
    Scrap Iron- remote control (blue)
    Scrap Iron- missile (blue) 2x


    84’ Slugger
    82’ HAL- missing rear stabilizer and computer

    Vehicle Parts:

    82’ VAMP- gas can holders 2x
    83’ Falcon glider- black piece you attach figure to
    83’ JUMP- laser rifle (broken sight)
    84’ MANTA- sail, backpack, outrigger
    84’ ASP- main body, base, left cannon w/connecter, wheels, front and rear outriggers
    84’ SHARC- 2x shells and 4 torpedoes
    84’ WHALE- gearbox
    84’ Water Moccasin- cockpit, engine cover, and side mounted cannons
    84’ Skyhawk- main body, engines, belly gun, side planes
    84’ Chameleon Swamp Skier- front skis and lower flaring
    84’ CLAW- missing bomb, missiles, and side landing gear
    85’ Ferret- body, frame, engine, handlebars, front gun mount, seat, 2 wheels


    MOBAT 2x


    83’ Pocket Patrol Pack
    91’ Impel Trading Card Set (1-200)
    Numerous catalogs, inserts, and mail away forms

    *Other Weapons:

    These accessories are larger than Joe weapons and would work well with 6” and 12"
    figures and vehicle customs. The GI Joe gun in the bottom left is for scale purposes.
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    "Ya'll hear that, we's usin' codenames"
    Things I Have For Sale
    My Customs

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    Carded Canadian and Brazilian Flash

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    PM'd you for some items

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    pmed you about comic pack 7.

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    Updated. Thanks to all those that bought stuff.
    "Ya'll hear that, we's usin' codenames"
    Things I Have For Sale
    My Customs


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