New Sculpt ALLEY VIPER my vision

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    New Sculpt ALLEY VIPER my vision

    here is how i think the new sculpt alley vipers should have looked

    pretty much a LBC with some very minor paint work but i think it turned out pretty good

    Alley viper 1
    Alley viper 2
    Alley viper 3
    Alley viper 4
    Alley viper 5
    Alley viper 6

    wave 7 snake eyes legs waist and torso with dtc saw viper arms and wave 7 gung ho head. helmet and mask are from v12 duke. pistol is from wave 7 gung ho, m249 is from saw viper and the shield and body armor are from dollar general power team pack

    let me know what you think
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    Dude, that figure looks sweet! Personally, I've always hated the AV mask with the fangs, but I would buy this in an instant. Good stuff.


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