Anyone else having trouble with ebay?

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    Question Anyone else having trouble with ebay?

    I've been on ebay a couple of times this afternoon.. anyone having trouble with loading times?
    I'd say it was my browser.. but all the other sites.. including this one work perfectly.. ebay's is working real slow.
    it keeps showing that progress bar at the bottom and the message waiting for etc. and taking an age to load the page
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    I haven't been on ebay much just to check a few auctions but the other day that was happening to me.
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    Could just be the UK site
    The regular .com site is working fine
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    I'm getting a lot of "not responding" errors on eBay and a lot of feedback glitches, though the first may just be my location.

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    I have been getting alot of funky errors lately. Like the latest is that someone that just bought something didn't have an address when I tried to send an invoice, I tried too more times and on the third try it went through fine.

    Also their e-mail notices (wins, sales, searches, messages) are spuradic at best weather or not they show up or when they show up.
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    Phew.. its not just me then.

    Wow.. its not just me that has these problems..has ebay announced anything regarding this or are we to just put up with it?
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