Can you buy black hose?

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    Can you buy black hose?

    Can the small black hose like the ones that belong to mainframe, aitight, televipers, and others be purchased at a hobby or hardware store? If so what size hose is it?(I assume they are all the same size)
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    good question. how about mouth pieces?

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    1,059's sponsor has all you'll need... see all those pretty pictures to the right? -------------------------------------------->

    Also there's some here...
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    Ya beat me Xero... was gonna tell them about smalljoes...
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    Thumbs up I'd actually..

    Recommend I ordered from there before they have a good service to their customers.
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    Smalljoes is one of the best online companies I have ever dealt with.

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    black hoses... the standard ones...

    the reason why i cut off the stubs of my collection and thus vastly reducing my number of "legitimate" figures is because of those black hoses. you know, the black, glossy ones that get the figure all tied-up.

    DISCLAIMER: i am not responsible for any untoward consequences that may directly or indirectly transpire from directly or indirectly doing, imitating the steps below. nor am i directly or indirectly convincing and/or suggesting doing, imitating the steps below. i am just telling you what i did.

    what i did this last two weeks was purchase a single AWG #22 wire with RUBBER INSULATION - the wire is still black, but not glossy, and it does not get the figure all tied up because it is thicker and has a tension of its own.
    it also comes in white, for figures in polar missions.

    first, i got a meter-long single AWG #22 wire with RUBBER INSULATION - the soft, flexible, non-glossy one, slightly thicker than the "standard" hose.

    then, i measured at most 6 inches from the end of the wire and made a 360 degree crosswise cut on the insulator with a pair of sharp scissors without cutting the copper wire.

    then, i pulled off the insulator. i also checked for remaining copper strands inside it; i removed those that were still left inside.

    then, i got a very, very small PRECISION screw driver - THE SMALLEST IN THE GROUP. i firmly held the hose and very, very, very gently i inserted the very, very small precision screw driver in a twisting motion. i inserted it to a depth matching the length of the stub where the hose is attached. then i pulled the screw driver out. now i made the hole a bit larger.

    then gently, i tred to fit it on one of the stubs of the hydro viper's backpack. now, my whole viper collection have these thick, black, non-glossy, rubber hoses.

    finally, these were the lengths for my figures:

    1.5" - rock viper v1 and range viper v1 back of head to backpack
    2" - hydro viper v1 and frag viper mouth area to backpack
    2" - astro viper v1 and laser viper v1 backpack guns to backpack
    3" - toxo viper v1 and tele viper v1 gun to backpack
    3" - heat viper v1 right shoulder to gun
    3" - techno viper v1 gun to backpack
    3" - techno viper v1 tool 1, 2, or 3 to backpack

    when i get my hands on snow serpent v2, i am going to use the white one. i find it inappropriate to use black hoses on polar missions.


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