Help id unknown items.

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    Help id unknown items.

    Hey, first let me start by saying that everyone on this board is very helpfull. I would like to name some but theres not enough room, thanks everybody.

    Now to business. I have a few parts I have no idea where they go or who they belong to? I don't know if there is a thread where you can post pics for id perposes..."not a bad idea" if there is not one already

    Here are the pics.

    Thanks eveyone.
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    The first pic are mostly Transformer Missiles. Heres a link that might help you with a few.

    Off hand it looks like theres a Mirage, Hound, Trailbreaker, Grimlock Missiles. The piece with the little wings go to Rumble/Frenzy. The piece on the right in middle goes to Buzzsaw/Laserbeak. Hope this helps. The stuff in pic 2 looks familar but I just cant place the toy line, its definately no G.I. Joe


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    Picture 1
    The walkie talkie goes to the older space Playmobil figures.
    The 2 missiles with long fins go to Go Bots Blaster (both orange and green versions)

    Picture 2
    The gun and robotic arm both go to the Wheeled Warriors Armed-Force vehicle.

    All the other stuff are indeed Transformers weapons

    ...btw, I am interested in all these parts if you're looking to sell or trade for Joe stuff

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    green gun and green radar: Wheeled Warriors Beast Walker vehicle
    yellow missile with big fins: Cobra (GI Joe) Moray
    Orange missile below and right of the moray missile: MASK Switchblade missile
    Gray radar: maybe a Wheeled Warriors accessory
    Blue missile on the right: Wheeled Warriors Armed-Force
    Gray missile next to above: Wheeled Warriors Saw Boss
    Long antenna at bottome: Cobra Pogo

    Black ramp: Wheeled Warriors Beast Walker
    Large rifle on top right: Transformers Jetfire
    Yellow red thing: Sky Commanders backpack
    gray/brown gun next to above: Transformers Hardhead gun
    Small silvery claw: MOTU (He-Man) Robot arm extension
    Larger gray claw: Starriors arm
    White Black weapon: Batman Arctic-something gun

    Black gun: Transformers Metroplex
    smaller silver gun: Transformers Hot Rod
    2 teal guns: Transformers Vortex

    You didn't post it, but I changed the url of the images and got to unknown1.jpg. If you need it, the 3 identical guns go to Transformers Scorponok

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    that orange seat is for the cobra buzz boar

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