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    There have been quite a few +1 posts outside the main list lately - remember - they do not get counted. Your own threads are fine if you have more than a line or two to say about a good (or bad) trader, but if you want to leave feedback for somebody that is counted toward their total, post in the main feedback thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremiah316 View Post
    duffman +1
    monk +1
    FYI, I think you missed the point of this message. You can do separate post for your trades/sales, but you need to post them in the main trade feedback thread below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treyphish333 View Post
    sorry, wrong thread....
    Looks like you caught it yourself.

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    duffmann +1 very easy trader to work with

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    Thread closed.

    All feedback goes here:


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