Customizing Help Needed

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    Customizing Help Needed

    I'm trying to build some custom figures based on the 80's line. My first question is, can the arm and leg rivets be replaced and if so, how, and do you know anyplace to get the rivets and equipment. Second, I'm trying to get the gloss finish on my customs to match the original shine on the original figures since some of the body parts don't need to be painted, what kind of paint should I use? Thanks.
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    Rivets, Limbs..

    It is possible to replace the leg joints and the forearms etc.. there's a handy link somewhere.. possibly from a customizer website.. If I can find it I'll post it.. its a how to with pictures on how to totally disect your joe from head to foot.

    As for paints.. it depends on the look your going for and your personal preference, theres been many a choice it also depends i think on what your willing to spend./how much?

    I shop online for my paints at this website..
    But thats again a more personal preference. I use humbrol enamel Matt Paint for all my joe customs.
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    Theres a couple of links.
    I havent heard of replacement rivets.
    I suppose its technically possible, but doesnt seem to be common.
    As for paints, there are several types available, but for a glossier look, Sharpie pens are popular for many customisers.
    Hope that helps.
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