I'm in the mood to shop crap around, so up for sale is an 1983 Snow Job 20-back AFA 85 (85,85,85). The card is punched but Snow Dude is still white like the proverbial modern (and arguably racist) construct of white = virigin. The card is clean and the bubble is hanging tough. Ideally, I'd like to avoid eBay fees (and Paypal fees as well), but if need be, I can list the item.

I can provide pictures either sooner or later (depending on when the request comes in). If you are familar with an AFA 85 (triple 85 subgrades), then this should come as no surprise to you. The case isn't archival material (w/UV protection). If you end up buying this, I would highly suggest purchasing a uv upgrade from AFA.

Now is your chance to end what could be years of agonizing searching.