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    Post Gi Joe Full Figures & Body Parts Trade List

    All items below are for trade only. Please refer to my Wantlist in the Wanted Forum. If you have any questions about an individual item or items from my lists, please ask, as I will be happy to answer all questions. Also, please check back from time to time, as I will be updating often.


    GI Joe Full Figures & Body Parts


    Breaker --- head (paint-wear & scuffs), right arm-straight (paint-wear, broken thumb), left arm-straight (paint-wear, broken fingers), waist-piece, pair legs (paint-wear, rust)

    Grunt --- back of torso (paint-wear), waist-piece, right arm-straight (paint-wear, broken thumb), right leg (paint-wear, rust), bottom of left leg (paint-wear, scuffs)

    Snake Eyes --- pair of legs

    Stalker --- front of torso (paint-wear), back of torso (paint-wear, shattered), pair of arms (paint-wear, missing shoulder pins & thumbs, waist-piece (paint-wear, broken crotch), pair of legs (paint-wear, rust)

    Clutch --- waist-piece, head X3 (paint-wear), torso X2 (paint-wear), pair of arms – straight (paint-wear, broken thumbs), left arm – straight (paint-wear, broken fingers), pair of legs (paint-wear, rust)


    Airborne --- (paint-wear, scuffs, & fading on all) head X2, torso X2, pair of arms X2

    Cobra Commander --- full figure (light paint-wear except facemask- no silver)

    Snow Job --- full figure (yellowing, loose knees, rust on thighs & back, waist-piece (yellowing)

    Tripwire --- head (paint-wear, scuffs), torso (crack in back, paint-wear, scuffs), pair of arms (paint-wear, scuffs), pair of legs (paint-wear, scuffs, loose knees, rust)

    Ace --- full figure (minor paint-wear, broken crotch), torso (yellowing), pair of arms (paint-wear), pair of legs (paint-wear, loose knees)

    Grand Slam --- front of torso (paint-wear)

    HISS Driver --- head (paint-wear), torso (paint-wear), right arm (paint-wear, broken thumb), right side of right thigh (broken knee pin)

    Viper Pilot --- front of torso (shattered, paint-wear), back of torso (paint-wear, rust), waist-piece (broken crotch), right leg (paint-wear)

    Duke --- pair of arms, waist-piece (broken crotch), pair of legs (rust)


    Baroness --- torso (slight paint-wear), pair of arms

    Blowtorch --- full figure (slight paint-wear)

    Firefly --- full figure X2 (both w/ rusty leg screws, 1 w/ loose knees)

    Roadblock --- pair of legs (paint-wear, dirty)

    Scrap Iron --- full figure minus head (paint-wear, loose knees, rust), pair of arms (paint-wear)

    Storm Shadow --- full figure X2 (1 w/ light fading, paint-wear, rust; 1 w/ yellowing, loose knees, rust)

    Zartan --- front of torso, back of torso (paint-wear), waist-piece (paint-wear), pair of legs (paint-wear, loose knees, rust)

    Copperhead --- full figure minus waistpiece (paint-wear, rust, loose knees)

    Stinger Driver --- bottom of leg

    Wild Weasel --- (paint-wear on all) head, torso, pair of arms, bottom of right leg (peg stuck inside)

    Cobra Commander --- full figure (light paint-wear, broken crotch)


    Airtight --- pair of legs (loose knees, paint-wear, scuffs)

    Barbecue --- full figure (paint-wear, broken thumbs, loose knees, rust, stress marks)

    Buzzer --- full figure X2 (paint-wear, loose knees(X1), rust)

    Crimson Guard --- pair of arms (paint-wear, broken thumb on right), pair of legs (paint-wear, rust, loose knees)

    Eels --- head X2 (no antenna), left arm (paint-wear, broken thumb), pair of legs (paint-wear, rust)

    Quick Kick --- torso (paint-wear), waist-piece (paint-wear, broken crotch)

    Ripper --- head (paint-wear), pair of arms (paint-wear), pair of legs (paint-wear, rust)

    Shipwreck --- full figure (paint-wear, rust, broken right thumb, broken crotch)

    Snow Serpent --- pair of arms (paint-wear, broken thumbs), head (paint-wear), torso (paint-wear, rust), right arm (paint-wear), pair of legs (paint-wear, rust)

    Tele-Viper --- head X2 (paint-wear), pair of arms X2 (paint-wear, torso X2 (paint-wear, 1 w/ shattered front), waist-piece

    Tomax --- head X2 (paint-wear, heavy damage(X1)), left leg (paint-wear), torso (paint-wear, rust), pair of arms (paint-wear, broken thumbs, heavy damage), waist X4 (paintwear), bottom left leg (paint-wear)

    Torch --- full figure (paint-wear, rust, broken right thumb), left arm (paint-wear)

    Xamot --- (paint-wear on all) head X2, torso X2, pair of arms X2, pair of legs (rust), right leg, left part of left thigh

    Crankcase --- head (paint-wear), torso (paint-wear), pair of arms (paint-wear), right leg (paint-wear, rust)

    Frostbite --- pair of legs (loose knees, rust), waist-piece (broken crotch, heavy corrosion)

    Heavy Metal --- full figure (paint-wear, glue marks & stripped screw on torso, broken right thumb

    Keel Haul --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on leg screws)


    Beach Head --- head (paint-wear), pair of arms (paint-wear), waist-piece (paint-wear, broken crotch)

    Dial-Tone --- front of torso (small holes drilled into it)

    Dr. Mindbender --- left arm (paint-wear), top half of right arm

    Iceberg --- full figure (paint-wear, dirty, yellowing, head has chips)

    Lowlight --- full figure (paint-wear)

    Monkeywrench --- full figure (rust, paint-wear, Broken crotch), waist-piece (paint-wear, broken crotch)

    Roadblock --- bottom leg (paint-wear, peg stuck in hole)

    Zandar --- left arm (paint-wear)

    Zarana --- pair of thighs (paint-wear)

    Motor Viper --- head (paint-wear), torso (paint-wear), waist-piece (paint-wear)

    Sgt. Slaughter --- head (paint-wear), torso (paint-wear), pair of arms (paint-wear & flesh colored paint applied), waist-piece (paint-wear), pair of thighs (paint-wear)

    Strato-Viper --- left leg (rust, paint-wear)


    Big Boa --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws), punching bag X3, stand

    Chuckles --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)

    Crazy Legs --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)

    Croc Master --- full figure (rust, paint-wear, broken right ankle)

    Crystal Ball --- head X2 (1 dirty)

    Fast Draw --- right leg (paint-wear)

    Gung Ho --- full figure (paint-wear, yellowing on hat, rust on thigh screws)

    Nemesis Enforcer --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)

    Jinx --- torso, right arm, right leg

    Law --- (all body parts have paint-wear) full figure (broken crotch, rust on thigh screws), right thigh, right bottom of leg, left leg (rust, loose knee, glue marks), left arm (broken thumb, loose joints)

    Psyche-Out --- full figure (light paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)

    Raptor --- right leg (paint-wear & rust)

    Royal Guard --- (paint-wear on all) head, torso, pair of arms, left leg

    Sneak Peek --- (all body parts fading & paint-wear) head, torso, pair of arms, pair of legs (rust on thigh screws)

    Dodger (BF 2000) --- bottom left leg (paint-wear)

    Knockdown (BF 2000) --- head (paint-wear), torso (paint-wear), right arm (paint-wear), pair of thighs (paint-wear, broken knee pins), pair of bottom of legs (paint-wear)

    Maverick (BF 2000) --- head (paint-wear & dirty), torso (paint-wear & dirty), pair of arms (paint-wear & dirty)

    Gyro Viper --- torso (paint-wear), pair of arms (paint-wear), waist-piece (paint-wear)

    Ice Viper --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)

    Sea Slug --- head (paint-wear), pair of legs (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)

    WORMS --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)


    Astro Viper --- full figure (rust, paint-wear, loose knees)

    Budo --- lower right arm (paint-wear)

    Lightfoot --- waist-piece (paint-wear, broken crotch)

    Road Pig --- full figure (rust, paint-wear, loose right arm swivel joint)

    Shockwave --- full figure (paint-wear, fading on arms & legs)

    Storm Shadow --- torso (paint-wear & dirty), left arm (paint-wear & dirty), waist-piece (paint-wear & dirty)

    Tripwire (TF) ---full figure

    Ferret --- torso, right arm, waist-piece, top right leg, pair of bottom legs

    Ghostrider --- (all body parts paint-wear & dirty) head, torso, pair of arms, pair of legs (rust on thigh screws)

    Secto-Viper --- pair of arms (paint-wear, broken left hand)

    Skidmark (heavy paint-wear on all body parts) head, torso, pair of arms (broken thumbs), waist (broken crotch), pair of thighs (broken knee pins & rust), bottom leg


    Alley Viper --- head (broken mask pins)

    Downtown --- full figure (paint-wear)

    Gnawgahyde --- (paint-wear on all body parts) head, torso, pair of arms, pair of legs (rust on thigh screws, broken knife sheath)

    HEAT Viper --- head (paint-wear & broken hose pin), full figure (paint-wear & rust)

    Night Viper --- head (broken mask pegs), pair of legs (rust, paint-wear, broken gun peg)

    Recoil --- head X2, torso X2, pair of arms, waist-piece X2, pair of legs X2

    Scoop --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws & broken hose pin on outer thigh)

    Shockwave (NF) --- head (paint-wear & permanent marker markings)

    Sgt. Slaughter (SM) --- (heavy paint-wear & dirty on all body parts) head (stress marks around brim of hat), torso, pair of arms (broken left fingers)

    Long Range --- pair of legs (paint-wear, dirty, rust on thigh screws), left leg

    Wild Boar --- full figure (paint-wear, rust, broken arm hose peg)


    Ambush --- full figure (rust, paint-wear, loose right knee)

    Bullhorn --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)

    Capt. Grid Iron --- full figure

    Metal Head --- full figure X2 (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws(X1), broken pegs on thighs for launchers)

    Night Creeper --- full figure (paint-wear, rust, loose shoulder & swivel joints), head (paint-wear), torso (paint-wear), right arm, pair of legs (paint-wear, rust, yellowing, shattered in various locations)

    Range Viper --- (paint-wear on all body parts) head (broken hose peg), torso, waist-piece, pair of arms, pair of legs

    Rock Viper --- full figure X2 (paint-wear, broken crotch (1/ w/ broken head/hose peg))

    Sub-zero --- full figure (paint-wear, fading)

    Topside --- full figure (paint-wear, torso cracked & glued, rust on thigh screws)

    Dodger (SF) --- waist-piece, pair of legs


    Crimson Guard Immortal --- waistpiece (broken crotch, paint-wear)

    Desert Scorpion --- head (paint-wear, broken antenna)

    General Hawk (jetpack version) --- full figure (broken crotch)

    Sci-Fi --- (all body parts paint-wear & dirty) head, torso, pair of arms, waist-piece (broken crotch)

    Snow Serpent --- full figure (paint-wear & yellowing, rust on thigh screws)

    Cesspool (ECO) --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)

    Flint (ECO) --- full figure

    Lifeline (mail-in) --- full figure (paint-wear, broken crotch)


    Gung Ho --- pair of legs (missing lower right leg)

    General Flagg --- full figure (rust, paint-wear, loose limbs)

    Wetsuit --- full figure (paint-wear, rust, loose left arm swivel joint)

    Dice (NJF) --- full figure (paint-wear, broken left hand), head (paint-wear)

    Headman (DEF) --- full figure (paint-wear, rust on thigh screws)


    Firefly --- full figure


    Cobra Commander --- full figure

    Destro --- full figure X2

    Zartan --- full figure


    Big Ben --- full figure X3

    Blowtorch --- full figure X2

    Cobra Commander --- full figure

    Dart --- full figure

    Frostbite --- full figure

    Heavy Duty (tan) --- full figure X3

    Heavy Duty (green) --- full figure

    Mirage --- full figure X2

    Serpentor --- full figure X2

    Shipwreck --- full figure

    Wetsuit --- full figure X2 (original)


    Cobra Commander (SPY) --- full figure

    Recondo (SPY) --- full figure

    Ripper (SPY) --- full figure

    Roadblock (SPY) --- full figure

    Roadblock & Wild Bill (SPY) --- MOC

    Sgt. Airborne (SPY) --- full figure X3

    Major Bludd (PP) --- full figure X2


    Agent Scarlett (VvV) --- full figure

    Alpine (VvV) --- full figure

    Beach Head (VvV) --- full figure

    Duke vs. Cobra Commander (VvV) --- MOC X2

    Heavy Duty vs. Razor Claw (VvV) --- MOC

    Hi Tech vs. Doctor Mindbender (VvV) --- MOC

    Kamakura vs. Destro (VvV) --- MOC

    Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow (VvV) --- MOC X3

    Gung Ho & Grunt (VvV - Night Force) --- MOC

    Snake Eyes (VvV) --- full figure

    Storm Shadow(VvV) --- full figure

    Gung Ho (VvV) (Wal-Mart exclusive) --- full figure

    Roadblock (VvV) (Wal-Mart exclusive) --- full figure

    Recondo (VvV) (comic 3-pk) --- full figure X2

    Wild Bill (Tiger Storm Copter 3 pack) (VvV) --- full figure X2

    Also have many other items including:

    GI Joe weapons & accessories, filecards & cardbacks, instructions, vehicle boxes, comic books, etc. – check For Trade forum for lists
    GI Joe vehicle parts (too many to list) – send me a list
    GI Joe puzzles
    12” HOF figures & accessories
    Ultimate Soldier 12” & 3 ¾” figures, accessories & vehicles
    Elite Force 3 ¾” figures, accessories & vehicles
    Star Wars POTF dolls
    Star Wars PEZ dispensers
    Sgt Savage figures, accessories & vehicles
    Command & Conquer Toys
    Matchbox Ring Raiders
    Misc. Comic Books & Toy Boxes – check Off Topic forum for list
    Hasbro Battle Beasts - check Off Topic forum for list
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    Thanks Stormtripper; email replied to.

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    lets' deal dude!
    write me back cause I reply to your e-mail!
    Jose Isaiah Peña

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    updated - items removed

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    updated - items removed

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    I've got a '91 general hawk figure I'll trade you for your steeler parts

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    Question Are This Still Available?

    83 Cobra Comm:full Figure With Paint Wear
    83 Viper Pilot
    Crimson Guard: Arms, Legs
    Snowserpent 91
    Worms Full Figure

    Jose Isaiah Peña

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    updated - items added/removed

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    i am interested in your ....Grand Slam --- front of torso (paint-wear)
    let me know
    Carded Canadian and Brazilian Flash


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