I'm going to make my own GI Joe card game and I need a couple digital photos of a few things. I'm basing the game on the toys mostly and maybe throwing in some comic book stuff. Anyone who can help will be sent the card that they helped to create. Plus, I might end up with a collection of photos of every toy ever made... I'm still considering if I should use Cobra Mortal...Anywho, here's what I need photos of right now, desktop size being the best:

Falcon Glider
Viper Glider
Trouble Bubble or Flight Pod
Water Moccasin
each PAC RAT
Conquest X-30
Triple T

I think an isometric view would be best, getting a side view could work, but definitely avoid a top view or front view. And if I could get pics of the toys on a plain white background, but have the vehicle fill up as much of the shot as possible. No drivers or pilots will be necessary at all, just a full salvo of missiles or rockets. I'll be trying to make a card for every toy made and each figure, too, so I will be updating this and your help is GREATLY appreciated. Please email me at [email protected] and we'll talk.