Help id unknown acc.

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    Help id unknown acc.

    Hi, these are gi joe acc but I don't know who they belong to. Yes I used the whobit. One looks like the sound card is missing but it's not it never had one.


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    First picture, top black gun is a Star Wars rifle, Zuckuss maybe? 2nd black rifle is a Black Spearhead and Max rifle, comes with the Night Force version and a few others.

    The gold item on the left is the end of a Ninja type weapon, I think Dojo has a similar weapon in blue. The sword is not Joe.

    Picture clue, sorry.
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    The spearhead gun is broken, in that it is at least missing the bayonette. If it's an actual Night Force gun, it's also missing the strap.

    As to picture two, it's the lever handle from the inside of the wing of a Sharc, Night Shade, Sky Shark, or Wave Crasher (depending on color).

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    Thanks for the help guys. So the only two thing that need to be id'd is the sword wich is not made of flimsy plastice but hasbro grade.and the gold part. Your right Dojo has one but in blue. Vega has sone part in gold but not this part.


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    the gold piece is from shang tsung mortal kombat line


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