Toys Identification Needed!!

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    Exclamation Toys Identification Needed!!

    I need help Identifying some toys. I have tried my best to provide pics in groups or where needed individual shots..let the insanity commence!!
    Heres a lonk to the photobucket pictures..

    If you can help the great winged mutant find out who the figures are please let me know..
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    Picture three

    The slaphead is the Hood from thunderbirds.

    Motu 3

    Grizzlor and prince adam. he-man

    Strange robot thing is from animated film "robots".

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    pics labled monster 1 and 2 are from the Extreme dinosaurs line
    The raptor is named Haxx
    and the Pterandon is named Bullseye

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    Second picture is Xena, Ivy amd Gabrielle from Xena.
    The guy in the 4th pic is I think from Yu Gi Oh or another anime line from a couple years ago... Might even be a Power Ranger villain.
    The second MOTU pic is Robot and Zodak wearing the accessory pack version of his chest plate.
    The next MOTU is of two Fistos next to that is Minotaur (from hercules), Bane and Hercules

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Hey guys!
    Thanks to all that responded, I will take down the photos of whats been confirmed.. and any leftovers leave for further Id'ing.. I also have some other toys I might need help with.
    Thanks again for the help.
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    The small transformer is twin twist if he has two drills otherwise he's topspin. He's a jumpstarter.

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    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    The "Strange Armoured Dude" looks familiar - possibly from the Conan The Adventurer line? If he's big, like bigger than a Marvel legends, he could be.

    The "New Transformer" is Transmetal Optimus Primal from Transformers: Beast Wars.

    The SWAT copter & cop look like they're from one of those Chap Mei sets.

    The Blue & Orange Accessory I don't know, but I'd hazard a guess that it's from a figure in the Justice League animated toy line.

    The "Black Figure" I think is a bad guy footsoldier-type from VR Troopers.

    The "Blue Robot With Gold Armour" looks like it's just some knockoff toy made to look like Robocop.

    The dog is from a Chap Mei police set.

    The "Red N Blue Figure" is one of the VR Troopers (from the creators of Power Rangers and pretty much the same sort of thing).

    The "Smaller Transformer" is indeed Topspin, the Autobot Jumpstarter.

    The "Turquoise & Black Figure" is one of the Big Bad Beetleborgs (yet another attempt from the Power Rangers people).

    The "White Figure" looks like another generic knockoff to me.

    And the "Metal Flash" statue-thing is actually Captain Marvel, also known as SHAZAM!

    Hope that helps some...!

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    Thumbs up Thanks!!

    Hey yeah thanks man,
    I have just got a message in my ebay folder saying theres a 10p listing day this Thursday.. I can't wait!!
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    I'm fairly certain the Animated Robots thing is a garbage collector from the toy line for the movie Robots.


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