Comic Pack #26 ~ CLASSIFIED

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    Question Comic Pack #26 ~ CLASSIFIED

    I was just looking at how amazing the paint apps & detailing
    of the Comic Pack figures have been, especially the eyes
    Compare any comic pack figure to an 89 Topside & you'll know what I mean
    cmon now, Blonde eyes?

    I was checking out CLASSIFIED's hat and noticed that the goggles are
    actually backwards!!

    so much for my raving of "attention to detail"
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    If I want a Snake Eyes unmasked, I just simply use a comic pack 21 Snake Eyes body with comic pack Duke's head on it(you can add the scar if you like).

    The arms are ultra thin, which really peeve me to no end. I used his head for customs to make an S.W.A.T. infiltrator. I replaced Classfied's head with a 2002 Non o-ringed Duke's and he makes a generic greenshirt.
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