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    Sent you an E-mail...

    Sent you an e-mail Patrick...


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    starrcommand sent email

    Dave sent email and $

    Gi joe helped me to learn to swim! And knowing was half the battle!
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    Skystriker's Wants list http://forums.yojoe.com/showthread.p...413#post287413
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick A. Riley
    I'm wondering if the #2 MOTH set is the "finished" product. Great colors for a desert theme, but yeah, it still does look kinda plain
    I'm a sucker for Flak Viper and Range Viper, but I'm not paying the $61 price for non-members
    Yeah, At $25 I'd be crazy enough to talk myself into the MOTH sets. But I'm not joining the club.

    I see two more Cobra "we swear they aren't army builders" were chosen.

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    2006 convention

    toy news international has posted this years convention exclusives on their site, here's the link if you want to check them out http://toynewsi.com

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    Will we be seeing any new forthcoming toys at this convention? I am wondering if there are any new comic book packs on the horizon.

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    wow...they have the ferret available; these small vehicles are what they need to put out, the skyhawk ect that we know they have most of
    Always wanted: Foreign figs, protos and test shots, and vs 1 BATs and parts.

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    Hey we never did find out who won the convention sets??

    Also I have updated pix of all the exclusives, see my website below in my signature.

    prices are as follows:

    Renegades --- $50
    Slaughter ---- $ 25
    Worthog --- $48
    Ferret ATV 2 pack --- $25
    Moth #1 Jungle set ---$25
    Moth #2 Desert set ---- $25

    Also the tax on these is 9% so after taxes they are as follows:

    Renegades --- $54.50
    Slaughter ---- $ 27.25
    Worthog --- $52.32
    Ferret ATV 2 pack --- $27.25
    Moth #1 Jungle set ---$27.25
    Moth #2 Desert set ---- $27.25
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    Parts needed --- buy or trade!!
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    Dreadnok stinger -- Drivers door
    CAT -- gun tip, battery cover

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    If there is any way anyone can get me a Warthog I would appreciate it. PM or e-mail me if you can.
    Read my blog, or I will replace all your Argen 7 figs with Crystal Balls!

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    Those Ferrets are sick!

    I'm hoping Ben's able to get ne 3 sets...

    I'm such a sucker for Ferrets!

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    I played, ate and slept Joe as a kid and yet as an adult I still can't get enough of it! ! !

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    wow those prices are h-i-g-h-w-a-y-------r-o-b-b-e-r-y.....wow....Of course I am just jealous cuz' I can't be there
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