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    Question An better 06 convention bonus vehcile???????????

    I was wondering if anyone else think Mastercollector should of pick an different vehicle than the " Armadillo " for this year bonus vehicle.

    I think mastercollector should of pick the Cobra Rage vehicle for this convention bonus vehicle. In my opinion the Cobra Rage would of work better with this years figure set
    David N Clark

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    Quote Originally Posted by wedge1968
    Will we be seeing any new forthcoming toys at this convention? I am wondering if there are any new comic book packs on the horizon.
    We won't see any product images until Friday afternoon, at the earliest

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    Quote Originally Posted by etmartin
    Too bad I can't get a hold of Deadshot to tell him to pick me up another set of Ferrets. That would be great...

    Oh well...maybe I'll have to pick up some off the website after.


    Hey I got the message earlier from Chuckles32 I'll be picking you up an extra set of the ferrets for you. You should have recieved a PM from Chuckles about this.

    Chuckles... sorry for not calling you.. toatally slipped my mind, but I will be able to pick up those moth sets for you.

    I like what I'v eseen but I'll be lucky to get the last three slaughters I need that I have been payed for.

    All I need to get is Etmartin's warthog, 2 ferrets, comic

    2 sets, 2 bagged sets, warthog, ferrets, slaughter, renegades, and moth sets.

    chuckles i need to get 2 of each moth set and a nullifier if i can swing it.

    static's 2 slaughters and renegades will be the last of the slaughters i can get ( that I have been payed for.. i'm not gonna puch my luck and try for more. I only have so much money)


    But I have been having a blast.. snagged De Aco and a perfect viper pilot allready
    The Call of Chaos
    It's a toll-free, long distance call from the warp.


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    Those Ferrets are awesome and reasonably priced when you consider what the old ones sell for on ebay. I would like up to three sets, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could pick them up for me. Thanks,

    Novi, MI

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    Where are there pictures of the Ferrets?
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    Hey Star!

    Are you able to pick any things else up? I am interested in the Ferrets and possiblly the Warthog. I could Paypal you the money if possible.

    If Star is unavailable-Anyone else?
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    Me too

    I'm needing everything from the convention. I thought I had someone lined up a few months ago, but it fell through. I had someone recently lined up, but I couldn't get the $$ to them quick enough...sorry...is anyone else willing to help out. Email me or PM me. I'll check my email after work tonight. Thanks. Dan

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    If anyone can get me both styles of the Ferrets and the Warthog please PM me. I'll go ahead and send the money via PayPal if necessary. Had I known that they were selling, I would've done this earlier.
    Current Want list in MISB: Attack Chopper (Camo), and Battle in a Box (Costco).

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    I just put pix of sgt slaughters first appearance at the parachute drop and pix of the parachute drop. Oh and they had the parachute drop on the news here!!! YAY

    check my site in my signature.
    Parts needed --- buy or trade!!
    Night Striker -- vertical veins & horizontal veins
    Dreadnok stinger -- Drivers door
    CAT -- gun tip, battery cover

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    Slaughter put that poor kid in the Cobra Clutch. He's gone bad again!
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