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    Man, the pics of that parachute drop has me humming "Ride of the Valkyries"

    (Wagner/Apocalypse Now reference for those who haven't heard/seen it)

    Looks like you guys have some beautiful weather out there - wish I could be there to meet Sarge and the rest of you guys!

    Have a blast and keep the pics coming!

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    Does anyone know which local news station was at the parachute drop? I'd like to hunt down that story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rynsmth77
    Does anyone know which local news station was at the parachute drop? I'd like to hunt down that story.
    Judging from the pic on Starrcommand.com, I'd say FOX 8 News. But of course, I can't be sure.
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    mastercollector has pics up of the drop, and of the first day.

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    Oh my good lord...Vipers in RAH form. It's a miracle!!! See the thread:

    The only let down about that set has to be the use of the ambush rifles. I don't understand, I thought Hasbro still had the mold for the original rifle, since it was used with a sound attack tab for the 2002 JvC Beach-Head. Heck, they could have used the grenade launcher that came with Gung-Ho. I hope they become just a little more affordable to get because of this. Other than that, I'm getting my hands on these babies!

    There's also new sculpt Steel Brigade figures...sure beats the Anti-Venom squad, who tried to imitate their likeness.
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    I hope those aren't the only new 3 3/4" things at the con. At least that's what I've heard so far.



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    Wow, those pics couldnt be any worse. I guess we're finally getting a six-pack of RAH Vipers huh? Good thing I skipped the lame Lockdown.

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    And Falcon's beret is still NOT green!!!1


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    Regular Vipers are not my cup o' tea, but it's still ARAH

    Links to clearer pics here:
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    Two Steel Brigade packs

    Two Steel Brigade six pack's and I'm done buying this year! ahh maybe 1 viper pack....! Hmmm it makes you wonder...brand new 2.5 stuff coming out for Sigma Six vehicles and figures, and the usual scale Sigma Six figures for the fall...and it looks like a famine for new 3 and 3/4 inch stuff so far (and I do mean so far, hopefully there's more in store) oh well...**** the steel brigade and the viper 6 packs is enough for me!


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