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    Remember the episode with the British agent that was kind of like james bond. That guy might be interesting.

    Perhaps a flagg sized sea serpent that allowed coffee breaks.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2LT VIPER
    Remember the episode with the British agent that was kind of like james bond. That guy might be interesting.
    Matthew Burke from "The Spy Who Rooked Me"
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    Quote Originally Posted by yo-man2
    i would love for one with scoop and alleyviper from the one where he's a traitor
    I just put Scoop's head on one of the many CG bodies that have been released recently. But we'd still need a v1 Alley Viper remake

    Quote Originally Posted by yo-man2
    as well as the heraldo character
    The Geraldo character parody was called Hector Ramirez in the Sunbow cartoon (was also in the DD comic) and Jose Riviera in the DiC version
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    $1.99 or less bargains! (with low prices in ALL categories)
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    I would want a Big Lob, Pythona and a properly done Golobulus (both forms).

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    - Hooded Cobra slave boss from MASS DEVICE
    - Dr. Van Der Meer (Mass Device)
    - Cobra Space trooper
    - CObra Frogman
    - Scuba Baroness
    - Scuba versions of Duke, Scarlett, Stalker, etc..
    - Giant slave (Ramar)...maybe shrunk down a bit! (Roadlpig upper body, Sagat legs?)
    - Selena (no existing molds they could use.)

    Revenge of Cobra:
    - Col. Sharp
    - Honda Lou West (who doesn't want Honda Lou? )
    - Mutt and Flint in Cobra disguises

    1st season:
    - Col. Slash and his goon. (Pyramid of Darkness)
    - Claymore (black Cobra officer from The Traitor)
    - Dusty as Cobra
    - Hector Rameriz
    - The Gamesmaster
    - Airtight (rem helmet)
    - Barbecue (same)
    - Mirror Universe Cop Zartan
    - Captives of Cobra (family members in those haz-mat looking suits, if they had Long Arm's mold, this would an easy one, Action Astronaut/comic Flash might work, too. I mean, for the males. )
    - Wong
    - Schrage
    - Dania
    - Brekov
    - Horrorshow
    - Destro (Scuba)
    - Accurate "Green shirts"

    2nd season
    - Female Cobra Sub Captain from "Not a Ghost of a Chance"
    - BUCK MCCANN, Cobra military school commander/ Leatherneck's enemy from The Rotten Egg
    - Duke (winter coat)

    - Big Lob
    - Pythona
    - Cobra La Noble Man
    - Noble Woman

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    i think it would be kinda neat to have the kid versions of lady jaye and whoever else was with her that got turned back into kids somehow... hmm

    the baroness' assitant from world's without end
    snake eyes and shipwreck in cobra uniforms

    you should have just told the guy from hasbro... if it's in a cartoon frame... MAKE IT... a cartoon headquaters jeez... so much stuff soooo much... and make the giant from the mass device in the sgt savage scale...

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    CC as the post-accident Cobra-La nobleman would rock.

    I can't think of many cartoon only figures that I'd want. I'd be nice to have Wetsuit and Barbeque in their removeable helmet/cartoon looks. Although if they made the Cobra Mechanics (like the ones in the movie w/the short brim hats and jumpsuits that the Renegades jump in the Terrordrome) I'd army build the crap out of them. Hear that Hasbro? TOTALLY ARMY BUILD THE CRAP OUT OF THOSE.

    ...I can think of many more comic only characters - like Dr. Venom and Heartwrencher - that I'd rather have.

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    Thumbs up

    I just want to second the removable helmet Barbecue and Airtight suggestions!!

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    1987 also marks the 20 year anniversary of GI Joe the Movie. As mentioned, I wouldn't be surprised to see Cobra La again or the Rawhides.


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