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    "Comic" pack errors

    I was just reading through some of the comics that came with recent figure 3 packs. I noticed some sloppy editing details. In issue #9, Scarlett is written both ways in the dialogue captions, sometimes with one "t" sometimes with two "tt" at the end. That's sloppy copy editing back in the day as I'm sure these reissues are just straight transfers with no tinkering.

    Also, in issue #44, Destro at one point refers to Dr. Mindbender as Dr. Brain Wave and then a few panels later he refers to him as Dr. Minderbender.

    Now we know where those 1000 monkeys at 1000 typewriters were during the 80's.
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    The explanation for the use of the name Dr. Brainwave is that it was just Destro goofing on Mindbender.

    Brainwave was actually being considered to be the name for the character before they settled on Mindbender.
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    Thumbs down not really a comic pack, but a comic IN a pack...

    Destro sure has an issue with names then
    This comic was included in the 5 figure Ninja Battles set

    In the few frames that Destro shows his mug in this comic,
    he refers to Stormshadows apprentice, Shadow Strike as Quickstrike

    Also, this figure http://www.yojoe.com/action/05/shadowstrike.shtml
    is packaged and named as Shadow Strike, but in the comic the same figure is
    referred to as Slash...
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