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    Dreadnoks Declassified

    Did anyone else see this on the September coming page? What have people heard about this?

    I am excited.

    Dare we hope that Hama is doing this too? He did say in an interview that he'd like to write more Zartan.

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    Hope we find out exactly what Zartan's "powers" are and how they came to be
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    That would be another great story potential. I can't wait. If only Devil's Due did this when they first started selling GI Joe. If they had, I don't think they would have struggled the way they have.

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    Has anyone heard anything on this? I saw another brief reference on their website, but I haven't seen or heard anything else. Do we have a tentative release date or anything?

    Was anything mentioned at the convention? I heard that there was to be a panel with Devil's Due. Was anyone there, and did they hype this at all?


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