Guess What i paid???Contest!!!Win some VVV Vipers

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    Guess What i paid???Contest!!!Win some VVV Vipers

    I was at the Swapmeet last weekend and found a bunch of Transformers..Guess what i paid!!If you guess correctly you win 1 silver chest viper and 2 red chest vipers all have rifles!!! Post your answers here..Once the correct answer has been made Winner will be notified by PM..Simple enough okay here's what i found.

    Grimlock 9 complete
    Sideswipe c8 99%complete (launcher is missing end piece)
    Frenzy v1 metal feet c7 has left gun crome wear
    Frenzy V2 Plastic feet c7 has left gun crome wear
    Slugfest c9 complete
    Overkill c9 complete
    Ratbat c9 complete
    Scrapnel c9 complete gun has crome wear
    Kickback c9 complete gun has crome wear
    Optimus Prime and Trailer Missing all c6
    Laserbeak c7 complete guns have crome wear
    Rewind c9 complete
    Eject c9 complete
    SteelJaw c9 complete guns have wear
    Silverbolt c9 w/superion head,hand,ramp, 3 small guns
    Flywheels 1/2 jet part
    Blitzwing c7 Has everything except turret
    Downshift missing gun, peg broken on side of head
    Gears c8
    Windcharger c8
    Warpath c8.5
    Tracks c8 complete
    Tailgate c8
    Doublcross c9 (needs gun)
    Battletrap complete c9

    Extra parts:
    Bruticus: waist piece
    Optimus Prime right hand
    Snarl: gun
    Topspin: gun excellent crome

    6 Newer Transformers (mini-cons,cyber key,Rid)

    Also included with lot was 2 complete mask vehicles w/figs (not sure if they are the correct guys but i know the parts to the vehicles are there..They were both ones my little brother had when he was little..

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    40 dollars.
    what happen to the american dream it came true your lookin at it

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    I'm gonna say it was a box priced at $35

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    I am going to say $60.00, which is still a steal
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    I'll try an even $50
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    $55---the number may not have a zero at the end.
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    Did you pay 25.50?

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    ill say 30 bucks

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    I'll say something ridiculous. $12.
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    at large...
    Twenty bucks
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